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Titanic's Tennis Pros

Richard “Dick” Norris Williams II was born in Geneva, Switzerland to American parents. He began playing tennis at age 12 and won the Swiss Championship in 1911 at the age of 20. 509 more words



Carpathia is a green-coloured liquid which when ingested imbues the imbiber with a sense of increased confidence, superiority and lust. A small mouthful will create these effects for about an hour, subject to the size and constitution of the drinker. 129 more words

The Boat That Went Back (Part II)

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In Lifeboat 14, Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, 29, blew his whistle and ordered that several boats near him, including Boat 4, tie together and redistribute the passengers more evenly. 487 more words


The Young Cook Aboard Titanic

Forty-three passengers aboard the Titanic were employed by other passengers. They included: three chauffeurs, twenty personal maids, two secretaries, two governesses, one clerk, one personal cook, two nursemaids, eleven servants (valets), and one nurse. 724 more words


1,340 Perish As Titanic Sinks (1912) | The Yesteryear Gazette

Originally posted on The Yesteryear Gazette.

(From the New York Tribune – April 16, 1912)

Only 886, Mostly Women and Children, Rescued

Wireless from Olympic’s Captain Gives News and Weeping Women Gather at White Star Offices to Learn Fate of Relatives – 1,323 Passengers on Ship and Crew of 890… 178 more words

20th Century

Titanic Death of a Dream

The documentary was narrated by actor David McCallum and began with a quote from first-class passenger Jack Thayer. Rare interviews with some of the few remaining Titanic survivors, including Edith Brown, Eva Hart, Ruth Becker (who had already died in 1990), Millvina Dean and Michel Marcel Navratil, discussions with leading historical authorities on the sinking, including Charles Haas, John Eaton, Ken Marschall, Don Lynch and Robert Ballard, and excerpts from survivor’s writings and newspaper articles accompanied McCallum’s telling of the story. 43 more words

New York Remembers

New York City: RMS Titanic’s destination for her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. New York was home to many first and second class passengers, including the most wealthy and famous. 278 more words