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Mysterious Rescue – Titanic Honeymoons Part X

At 14, Ethel Clarke of Norwich, England wasn’t ready for marriage. But the thought of emigrating to America appealed to her, so when Edward Beane proposed and asked her to wait until he saved enough money, she said yes. 528 more words


The White Widow - Titanic Honeymoons Part VIII

The daughter of a Congressman, eighteen-year-old Eloise Hughes met Lucian Smith, 24, at her society debut in January 1912. One month later, they were married in the bride’s hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. 533 more words


DEBORAH HOPKINSON: Titanic -- 103 years later, Passenger Stories Continue to Haunt Us

Biography: The sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912 was a defining event of the first half of the 20th century, and the nearly 1,500 souls that were lost continues to fascinate us. 313 more words


The Teenaged Couple - Titanic Honeymoons Part VI

Daniel Marvin and Mary Farquharson, both 17, were madly in love. Instead of waiting a year or two to get married as their families wished, they went to New York City Hall for a civil ceremony, then each returned to their family’s homes with their secret. 639 more words


The Couple Who Helped - Titanic Honeymoons Part V

Outgoing and handsome George Harder, 25, had worked his way up the ladder in New York and was said to have everything going for him. When he met 21-year-old Dorothy Annan at a Brooklyn social event, George was captivated by her beauty and was determined to make her his bride. 502 more words


Two Victims, Years Later - Titanic Honeymoons Part IV

Clara Rogers, the daughter of well-to-do Jewish-German immigrants, found herself in an unhappy marriage and filed for divorce, despite the views of polite society in 1906. 634 more words

A Changed Man - Titanic Honeymoon Part III

Albert Dick wasn’t ready to settle down. By age 30, he and his brother had opened a string of businesses in Alberta, Canada, and Albert used his spare time to pursue his interests in poker and beautiful women. 547 more words