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Two Victims, Years Later - Titanic Honeymoons Part IV

Clara Rogers, the daughter of well-to-do Jewish-German immigrants, found herself in an unhappy marriage and filed for divorce, despite the views of polite society in 1906. 634 more words

A Changed Man - Titanic Honeymoon Part III

Albert Dick wasn’t ready to settle down. By age 30, he and his brother had opened a string of businesses in Alberta, Canada, and Albert used his spare time to pursue his interests in poker and beautiful women. 547 more words

Good to meet you...author Caroline Dunford

I usually mention the weather when I introduce my weekly authors, but by the time we’ve got to mid-March I’m finding it very difficult to keep my spirits up. 1,104 more words


A Titanic Love Story - Part I

Thirteen newlywed couples boarded Titanic—nine in first class, two in second class, and two in steerage. The youngest were teenagers, the oldest in their 40s. 585 more words


The Last Crewman

The youngest of nine children, 18-year-old Sidney Daniels of Portsmouth, England, signed on as a third-class steward aboard the RMS Titanic. He’d already worked for one year aboard the… 375 more words


1,340 Perish As Titanic Sinks (1912)

(From the New York Tribune – April 16, 1912)

Only 886, Mostly Women and Children, Rescued

Wireless from Olympic’s Captain Gives News and Weeping Women Gather at White Star Offices to Learn Fate of Relatives – 1,323 Passengers on Ship and Crew of 890… 1,569 more words