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Titanic's Haitian Passenger

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic departed Southampton, England and made its first stop in Cherbourg, France at 6:30 pm. Two tenders carried 281 passengers to the ship, representing 26 nationalities. 532 more words


Titanic's Big Game Hunter

Thomas Drake emigrated from England to Pennsylvania in 1829, opened a fabric mill, and began manufacturing denim. Soon, he was making jeans under the trademark, ‘Kentucky Blue Jeans.’ He became the cloth supplier for the Union Army uniforms during the Civil War, and increased his wealth through various investments. 591 more words


A brave young immigrant

When Anna Sophia Turja of Finland boarded the Titanic in Southampton on April 10, 1912, she looked forward to starting a new life in America at the home of her sister and brother-in-law. 589 more words


Immigrants on the Titanic

With so many discussions of immigration at the forefront of today’s news, let’s take a look at the immigrants who boarded the Titanic. What were the immigration requirements in 1912? 551 more words


Episode 3 The Gypsies are Coming

In this episode, MacGyver runs into Sid Haig, who’s all Sid Haig-y about wearing a turban. Following that encounter, Mac eats some ice cream, and falls in with a family of gypsies. 9 more words


Her's Day Thursday

Its a new year and I’ve got a new lady from history who went “beast mode” before there ever was such a term! Today’s BAMF is… 497 more words

RMS Carpathia

The RMS Carpathia is not as well known, nor grand as her sister ship the RMS Titanic.

Upon hearing of the sinking of Tinanic, she put all of her steam power into the rescueing of  passengers of her dear sister ship, mind you she knew of the dangers of crossing the Atlantic at full speed with icebergs ahead. 50 more words