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How a Website Can Help Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Wouldn’t it be great if you could clone yourself into thousands of copies.  You could have an army of salespeople reaching out to potential customers selling them your services.  304 more words

CleanCraft Announces Carpet Cleaning Website Building and Hosting

Not only does CleanCraft manufacture & distribute some of the best equipment, chemicals, & products in the carpet cleaning industry, but we also offer some great marketing products as well.  211 more words

Thank you, may I have another?

One of the biggest mistakes professional carpet cleaners make is not keeping in contact with their current customers.   Most marketing dollars are spent getting new customers.  360 more words

Carpet Cleaning Business Cards

You are at a cookout enjoying the summer weather.  You are doing a little mingling and get into a conversation about work.  You mention to a group of people that you own a carpet cleaning business.  182 more words

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning Business Growth

Every professional carpet cleaning company would love to grow their business year after year.  We at CleanCraft Products, Inc. have made it our mission to help carpet cleaning businesses with this growth.  166 more words

Pets Equal Extra Cash

According to multiple different statistical sites, more than 60% percent of homeowners have at least one pet.  You probably see this each day as you enter a home for cleaning.  362 more words

Grow Your Business with Postcard Marketing

“Marketing.”  What a word!  Every business owner knows that marketing is part of running a business.  However, the definition of the word means different things to different business owners.  363 more words