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High Speed Carpet Cleaning in Both Directions... With Ease! - Rotovac Bonzer

Rotovac Bonzer

High Speed Carpet Cleaning in Both Directions… With Ease!

The Rotovac Bonzer speed cleans carpet by capturing and delivering all the power your truckmount can generate. 130 more words

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A Carpet Cleaning Autopilot Business Is Very Easy To Set Up

A very good business for people that have no business experience is to provide carpet cleaning services in your community. One of the reasons that this is one of the first places that many people go is because it is so easy to set up, but what is not so easy is getting a steady stream of traffic. 289 more words

Carpet Cleaning Autopilot

What's in your mop and bucket?

Mops and buckets…

There is just no greater way to re-spread soil and other contaminants on a floor when using a mop and bucket. Just look into your wash or rinse water and you will get the message loud and clear. 196 more words

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Business Cards – A Carpet Cleaning Necessity

Store, kid’s school function, sporting event, church, restaurant, BBQ…  what do all these places have in common?  These are all places you missed the opportunity to pickup a new customer.  132 more words

17 Ways To Promote A Carpet Cleaning Service

Are you looking for the available options for marketing your carpet cleaning service? Here are 17!

  1. Use your telephone wisely: Never let any lead go unattended.
  2. 835 more words
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Nineteen Costly Marketing Mistakes (Part 2 of 2)

Nineteen Costly Marketing Mistakes, Part II by Joe Polish

Here, in the second of a two-part article, are ten more marketing mistakes carpet cleaners should avoid. 875 more words

Carpet Cleaning

Easy marketing tips for carpet cleaning services

As a service provider, naturally one of your biggest concerns will be about the growth of your business and the expansion of your client base. What is required to achieve these goals is a good marketing strategy which is both inexpensive and effective. 490 more words

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