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How did you first hear about us?

Many professional carpet cleaners do not have real metrics on how their advertising dollars are working.  Sure, most can say they are getting much of their work by this type of advertising, or that type of advertising.  224 more words

The New Generation of Customers

Technology is changing the way customers look for information and services.  This easy access to information has driven customers to be more health conscious than ever before.   286 more words

Christmas & Holiday Cards Can Increase Sales

It’s hard to believe that we already have to start thinking about the holidays.  Many professional carpet cleaning companies are in the midst of their busy season right now.  158 more words

Viscose Rayon Rugs - Fake Silk

Stop, Look and Listen.
How to identify and minimize rug cleaning disasters.

Rayon is manufactured, regenerated cellulose fiber (cotton and wood pulp by-products).

It is made shiny with the use of a viscose liquid chemical processing, and is technically referred to as “viscose rayon” but, in rugs, it usually is referred to only by the first name because it sounds fancier than “fake silk.” 811 more words

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Cross Promotion can Build a Customer Base

We have all seen it:  McDonalds includes toys in their Happy Meals based on a new kids movie, a cereal box includes some sort of trinket based on a video game, etc.  185 more words

One Year Reminder

Every professional carpet cleaning business should do it.  However, with the busy lifestyle of running a business, this unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle.  I am talking about yearly reminders. 210 more words

The most practical carpet cleaning service marketing ideas and strategies

One of the most important concerns for most businesses, especially those in the service industry, is effective marketing. Only when your prospective customers know about the existence of your business can you expect to get work. 491 more words

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