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Sample: Carpooling

A straight  man accidentally finds a new occupation–and a romantic partner–while  acting as a designated driver for some gay friends.

Download a sample chapter of carpooling-sample (PDF only).

Making carpooling in America great again

A scientist discusses the issues that need to be solved for Americans to voluntarily carpool in larger numbers:

Maybe carpooling apps should let drivers set clear terms about the kind of behaviors they expect and encourage in their car, says Glasnapp.

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Eligible For The HOV Lane

Don’t you dare complain about YOUR commute.

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Too Much Driving, Not Enough Distance + "Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty" by Ramona Ausubel

In the absolute nicest way possible, I’m sick of my kids.

I know it’s just because it’s summer, and I feel like I’m here for their amusement. 1,893 more words