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Frank T. Carr

Dr. Frank T. Carr, vice chairman of the board of directors of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, died of a heart attack Oct. 19 more words

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RIT Colors- Case Description

Prior to 1957, RIT’s official colors were blue and grey, and the mascot was the “Techmen.”  Following an undefeated basketball season in 1955-1956 however, a desire was struck for a “more collegiate-sounding name,” leading to a 1957 Student Government vote to make the school colors orange, brown, and white.  102 more words

Custom Sweater made for tiger statue

In 1989, RIT erected a statue of its Bengal tiger mascot near the Kodak Quad of its Henrietta campus. This statue has been much adored by RIT students since its creation, who have expressed concern for the tiger by adorning him with handmade garments. 68 more words

New Student Orientation Hat from 1970-1971 school year

Similar to the 1968 new student orientation, incoming freshman for the 1970-1971 school year were given hats to wear during orientation week. These bucket hats are mostly orange, with a brown stripe on them and a brown brim, which could be folded up or down. 26 more words

OPUS staffer hat from 1968

In 1968, RIT moved to the Henrietta campus and adopted a form of new student orientation known as “Operation Campus” or “OPUS.”  As part of OPUS, both new students and staff wore felt hats with a feather that corresponded to the recently-adopted RIT colors of orange and brown.   9 more words