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Class, Wed, 4/19

Fastwrite: Last thoughts: How have social media changed the ways we interact with one another (or not)?

Fenton and Lee


Happy Saturday All!!!!


Today is such a beautiful day everyone and I hope it is also the same for you! God is so good! I had to get off of the computer early yesterday because I get so into the work, work, work mode that I forget that life is happening right outside of my door. 396 more words

Class, Fri, 4/14

Voice and Tone

Guidelines for Concept in 60

Responding to Ronson (and boyd and Carr)

In groups: Discuss your responses. Select a a piece to present on Monday that you feel pushes our conversation beyond where it is now. 89 more words


Rohnson and Carr: Maybe Not So Different After All

When comparing Jon Rohnson’s perspective on digital culture in So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed to Nicholas Carr’s in The Shadows, it is evident that they have very different stances on the topic of social media. 430 more words


Ein Monat auf dem Land

Das Buch: Ein Monat auf dem Land von J.L. Carr

Dieser Roman von J.L. Carr ist ein Mitbringsel der LitBlog Con in Köln aus dem letzten Jahr. 395 more words


Class, Mon, 4/10

Ronson, boyd, Carr

Read the four scripted exchanges between Ronson, boyd, and Carr produced in class on Friday.  Pick one that you were not involved in composing, and jot down some notes in response. 104 more words


Class, Fri, 4/07

Midsemester Grades

Media Feeds

Connecting Ronson to boyd and Carr

in groups: Imagine that Jon Ronson, danah boyd, and Nick Carr have been asked to engage in a panel discussion  of “The Possibilities and Perils of Internet Culture”. 171 more words