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Alex Morgan Gets Married

Well, who said two people who don’t love each other can’t get married?

No one definitely said that soccer player Alex Morgan couldn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve and still get married. 271 more words


a detour to South America: my week in Uruguay (Part 1)

December 22 & 23, 2014

For Christmas this year, my family and I took a trip down south to Uruguay to spend the holidays with family. 1,462 more words

Iblis, al-dajjal ironclad!

I painted this steamtank about a year ago as a centerpiece of my mercenary Empire army. The two crewmen were added from the Perry brothers mercenary plastic kit to tone down the ultra fantasy-esque character of the official engineer. 86 more words


Come December, come the Dark Elves!

I’ve always wanted to build a competetive and aggressive Dark elf force to complement my “softer” Empire army, and with the release of the 8th edition armybook and new shiny toys, opportunities for unorthodox builds were suddenly made possible: so I got on the train heading for Additional-projects-land. 376 more words


“We’re Airbourne – We’re meant to be surrounded!” - Part 2

I spent last night putting the first Veteran squad together and here it is looking fiercer than ever! Some shoulder pads are still not glued in place, this is because I need to do some greenstuff work and fill small gaps around armpits on figures that have been reposed. 100 more words


"We're Airbourne - We're meant to be surrounded!"

I managed to save some money over the last couple of months to really treat my self some shiny plastic crack from Forgeworld. With a new 40k edition out and an urge to play some smaller skrimish games against a renowned genestealer cult in Thomas… 646 more words