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Never trust a mercenary! WHFB 8th Edition Battlereport #1 Empire vs. Dwarfs

The first rays of sunlight pierced the autumn sky and revealed the nearly one hundred tents and makeshift shelters that had occupied Silverhorn Valley of Ostermark for almost three months. 2,484 more words


You almost ruined it! Pt. 2: Eat, build, paint, repeat

How to prime like a pro
After doing the dog’s work and spending your hard earned man hours on building the ruins it’s time to get them primed and ready for painting. 723 more words


You almost ruined it! Pt. 1: A tutorial on how to build and paint 40k terrain

I’m currently working on some (of my own) terrain for the upcoming Lords of War-tournament that will kick off in early january. So far we have planned out six individually themed tables, and we’ve givenĀ a lot of care and attention into selecting just the right pieces for each table. 1,476 more words


CLASH of Dice & Men II - The aftermath

As the crows feast upon the dead, the victorious feast in their halls, and the dead McFeast in Valhallaaaaaa!
Lo and behold we pulled it off! 324 more words


Ready your Pike! 15mm Thirty Years War models review.

I’ve always been fascinated with the 17th century. Fascinated by the somewhat bizarre meeting of old and new ideas and technology that escalated into a number of devastating conflicts which would change the social and political life of the early modern European states. 1,846 more words


Carrasco strike helps Atletico halt Bayern's perfect run

Bayern Munich’s perfect start to the season under coach Carlo Ancelotti came to an end as Jannick Carrasco’s first-half goal gave Atletico Madrid a 1-0 home victory in their Champions League Group D game on Wednesday. 108 more words


101st Light Drop Company - In the pipe, five by five!

Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?!
It is done! Over. Finally D-O-N-E! 1750pts of painted Elysian drop troops and, with almost two weeks to go before my flight takes off for Gibraltar, this project also shows that with a somewhat optimistic time schedule you can actually get done without spending the night before a tournament painting. 1,949 more words