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Europa parts way with brothers before end of the season

Europa FC have announced that they will be parts way with Head coach and Assistant Coach the brothers Carrasco. The news comes with just two matches for Europa FC to play and a Rock Cup Final still due be played. 170 more words


Fusilamientos del 3 de mayo

“Siento ardientes deseos de perpetuar por medio del pincel las más notables y heroicas acciones o escenas de nuestra gloriosa insurrección contra el tirano de Europa” 178 more words

A true clash of dice and miniature men!

Yesterday we played the Clash of Dice and Men SAGA tournament in Lund, Sweden. Six players attended, which was a bit low as we expected around eight or nine in total based on the number of players in the area, and maybe an additional one or two from nearby cities. 842 more words


Mustering for the conquest - arrows cost less than knights.

I’m taking my Normans to the fields of the upcoming SAGA tournament in early April, this means that I have to assemble and paint some fresh serfs to expand my warband from 4 to 6 points. 1,138 more words


Big guns never tire - Victoria Miniatures 'Heavy artillery' review.

It is friday yet again, and this time I have a brand new bag’o’bits to crack open for you guys. Some ten days ago I ordered a couple of artillery pieces from… 667 more words


Painting early medieval buildings - a walkthrough rather than a tutorial.

Last Wednesday we managed to get a couple of SAGA games going, to break up the avid 40k activity, at our FLGS here in Malmö. In preparation for the battle I thought it was about time that I slapped some paint onto a couple of terrain pieces that had been lying around for a while now. 847 more words


Rangers lead the way! Pt. 2

In the last post I talked about some neat tricks on posing miniatures to achieve a more realistic look, as well as showcasing my counts as… 1,345 more words