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CLASH of Dice & Men II - The aftermath

As the crows feast upon the dead, the victorious feast in their halls, and the dead McFeast in Valhallaaaaaa!
Lo and behold we pulled it off! 324 more words


Ready your Pike! 15mm Thirty Years War models review.

I’ve always been fascinated with the 17th century. Fascinated by the somewhat bizarre meeting of old and new ideas and technology that escalated into a number of devastating conflicts which would change the social and political life of the early modern European states. 1,846 more words


Carrasco strike helps Atletico halt Bayern's perfect run

Bayern Munich’s perfect start to the season under coach Carlo Ancelotti came to an end as Jannick Carrasco’s first-half goal gave Atletico Madrid a 1-0 home victory in their Champions League Group D game on Wednesday. 108 more words


101st Light Drop Company - In the pipe, five by five!

Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?!
It is done! Over. Finally D-O-N-E! 1750pts of painted Elysian drop troops and, with almost two weeks to go before my flight takes off for Gibraltar, this project also shows that with a somewhat optimistic time schedule you can actually get done without spending the night before a tournament painting. 1,949 more words


Attention on deck! - Fleet Commander ready for action

This week I finished my Master of the Fleet for the Elysian Company Command Squad. To be able to spend an entire evening on a single miniature was truly joyful since I’ve been pumping out batches of guardsmen for the past couple of weeks. 247 more words


Road to No Retreat 3 - Elysian Light Drop Company so far

Hey guys and gals!

Here are some pictures of my 101st light infantry company so far. All I have left to paint now is a fourth veteran squad, a second company command squad, a commissar, and a couple of advisors for the commanders. 69 more words


Will Indians make the World Series this year?

It’s strange to see Indians winning this many times because they are usually a losing team. Now they have Corey Kluber, who is a Cy Young winner, Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer, Danny Salazar and Josh Tomlin. 734 more words