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Painting early medieval buildings - a walkthrough rather than a tutorial.

Last Wednesday we managed to get a couple of SAGA games going, to break up the avid 40k activity, at our FLGS here in Malmö. In preparation for the battle I thought it was about time that I slapped some paint onto a couple of terrain pieces that had been lying around for a while now. 847 more words


Rangers lead the way! Pt. 2

In the last post I talked about some neat tricks on posing miniatures to achieve a more realistic look, as well as showcasing my counts as… 1,345 more words


Rangers lead the way! Pt. 1

Since I finished painting my latest squad of Elysian veterans I managed to play two games of 40k over the past week. Not only did this make me hungry for more grimdark carnage, but I also got inspired to finally expand the army to 1750 points. 2,003 more words


Out with the old, in with the new - 2015 in retrospect.

Every little drop of paint helps.

As the new year dawns, it is time to take a look back at what I achieved in terms of modelling and painting. 676 more words


Carrasco International Airport

Carrasco/General Cesareo L. Berisso International Airport (MVD)

Carrasco International Airport, located 12 miles from the downtown areas of the capital city of Montevideo in Uruguay, is the country’s largest. 300 more words


Impact hits! #1

Yet another week has passed and we’re quickly approaching the end of this year. And what a year it has been! The Scattered Dice youtube channel has reached 50 subscribers, most of them during this autumn, and statistics tell me that an average of 219 people have visited this blog every month since January 1st, and peaking over 800 in June as well as December. 457 more words


Policies are Racial Stories

[L]aw is essentially a story that reflects and legitimates the (racial) viewpoints and interests of those in power.

The same can be said for public policy.

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