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Boldness there isn’t a trait more manly,masculine and alpha.To be as bold as a lion, the very king himself ,is a truly magnificent key to being the best you can be.Open your mind and your soul and share this with all the men in your life.Let’s get started with… 1,331 more words

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Do we worry about our future much ?

Recently , I was thinking about the responsibilities each person has nowadays .
Personally , I worry too much about my future , I try not too , but I end up doing so . 57 more words

Noticing a trend!

I’m starting to notice a huge trend recently, not in the fashion sense, just that everyone that is In the creative industry that seems to struggle to make it big, have something in common, lateness and unreliability. 418 more words

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How to Deal with Redundancy

In our recruitment agency we regularly speak to candidates whose roles have been made redundant. Redundancies are unfortunately a fact of life particularly in the current environment, however redundancies aren’t always a bad thing, and we find that a person’s “attitude” towards their redundancy can have a profound effect on how they will fare after this event. 379 more words

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Deze vakantie lijkt een mooi moment om even de plannen voor de toekomst op een rijtje te zetten. Het afgelopen jaar was heftig, we hebben ons leven op zijn kop gezet, ik had een baan waar ik mij niet helemaal thuis voelde and Ryan die constant ziek was, en is. 562 more words


The Rise Of 20-Something Entrepreneurs: 4 Reasons Why You Should Start A Business In Your Twenties

Almost all successful entrepreneurs of our time started a company in their twenties. Although it sounds really scary to start your own company at such a you… 16 more words

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