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How to read job ads: a mock guide for the beginner practitioner

Part 1 of the “How to make it in the Workplace” Series

If I haven’t told you guys already, I am a fond lover of transparency. 1,729 more words


Changing path is not a failure, but a strength

It’s been a while I haven’t been writing on here, and I know the reason why.

Ever since my last post, in November 2016, I’ve been in a complicated and pretty stressful process of changing path. 832 more words

It's Happening Now

Confessions of a recent graduate

In college certain expectations with regards to your life after graduation are created. “With a degree in law you can do various jobs.” “You won’t have too much difficulties finding a job.””This and this is what you will do in your job.” Truth is that yes, I can do a lot with my degree, but finding a job is not as I expected it to be. 633 more words


I Probably Should Seek Help Before It's too Late...

Tbh, I don’t know what’s going on with me. I feel like I’m at my all-time low but I cant even distinguish or tell everyone why. 1,533 more words

Do I need to be a graduate?

One of the big decisions you face is do you need to be a graduate? Not necessarily.

A recent UK survey showed that a quarter of University graduates earn less than people who have completed an apprenticeship. 632 more words


TEDx: Making a living out of a life

Happy Friday. It’s a beautiful fall day in Western North Dakota, the perfect weather for a Homecoming Celebration in my home town.

I spent this morning giving a talk to the 8th grade students. 660 more words


Zo bouw je een carrière op in een nieuw land

NRC, 05-10-2017

Mirela Sula oprichter Global Women Network

De Albanese Mirela Sula helpt vrouwen met het opbouwen van een carrière in een nieuw land.

Voor het drijvend restaurant Sea Palace aan de Oosterdokskade in Amsterdam poseert een groepje vrouwen met veel gelach en geroep voor een foto. 923 more words

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