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Charter Wants To Follow FiOS Into Offering "Skinny Bundles" For Cable Customers

Last spring, Verizon FiOS rejiggered its pay-TV slate into so-called “skinny bundles,” where customers pay for a small core base of channels and then add on smaller, niche-targeted bundles of channels as they please. 308 more words

AT&T, CBS Make Nice And Sign New Contract, Avoiding Network Blackout

In a nice change for consumers, a content company and a distribution company managed to save everyone the rigamarole of a blackout and a finger-pointing yell-a-thon when they instead settled their differences and negotiated a new contract hours after the old one expired. 169 more words

Judges Question FCC's Need To Share What Comcast & DirecTV Pay To Broadcasters

Those following the merger of Comcast with Time Warner Cable and AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV may remember that the FCC had hoped to make some of the cable companies’ confidential contract information available to parties with a direct interest in these deals. 471 more words


Dish Network Loses CNN, Cartoon Network

Because pay-TV providers and content networks can’t negotiate anything without resorting to blackouts to try to prove who has the bigger dishes, the contract stalemate between Turner Broadcasting and Dish Network has left millions of satellite customers without a large slate of popular channels, including CNN, HLN, truTV and — most importantly — Cartoon Network. 217 more words

What the AT&T-DirecTV deal means for the sports industry

Feeling the competitive pressure from the recent Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, AT&T plans to purchase DirecTV for $48.5 billion (excluding the assumption of debt), making this AT&T’s largest takeover in more than eight years. 671 more words


Amazon In Talks To Create Online Cable Competitor, But Don't Hold Your Breath

Amazon is already a major player in the streaming video rental and subscription business, competing against iTunes, Zune, Google Play, Redbox, and Netflix. But does the e-tail giant have its eyes on more-established competitors? 435 more words