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Hello Anyone?

What can I say?

I’m 22, getting hitched and recently retired from working 3 jobs. What’s a girl to do with her spare time besides play Sims and re-watch The Carrie Diaries on Netflix?   31 more words

Welcome to Me

*Beep beep boop*

^ That’s what wordpress said as it was loading this first post.  This is exciting!  My blog has sound effects! (well, I can’t actually  422 more words


Becoming the Black Carrie Bradshaw

I had big plans, HUGE even! I was going to work for Nylon Magazine and have my blog on the side, where I would be soon be discovered as an awesome and fashion forward citizen of the Americas. 327 more words

Post written December 2013 - 'A few of my favourite soundtracks!'

Written December 2013

(Some of) my Favourite TV and Movie Soundtracks!!

The O.C (2003-2007)

If you grew up during the noughties then you are likely to have both laughed and cried along with The O.C. 1,627 more words



Hello, hello. Happy Tuesday! I was hoping today I would be telling you all about the new fitness classes I was trying as part of my 2015 goals, but sometimes you get sick and can’t work out for a couple of days :( Guess you’ve gotta roll with the punches! 147 more words

New York City

The Weekender Show of the week is The Carrie Diaries

The show sees Actress Anna Sophia Rob play the character of Carrie Bradshaw going through her teenage years and romances. Carrie Bradshaw was originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the adult series of sex  and the city as the adult version of Carrie. 35 more words

Inspiration: Eric Daman

An Eyewitness account on the world of fashion: 

Just a warning, I’m about to geek out for a bit and gush about my most recent idol. 258 more words

New Fashion Blogger