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The Carrie Diaries | Review

Hi, goodnight and Happy Monday!

Today I’ll bring this review of the TV show The Carrie Diaries, which aired in 2013 and I guess I was super late but I saw it was on Netflix and I love girly-fashion things so I gave it a try. 369 more words


I hate you because I still love you.

This says it all. Even in the Carrie Diaries I still related to Carrie Bradshaw. Sometimes I felt like I was watching a more fabulous version of my life.

The Carrie Diaries

It has been 5 days since I started this fantasy-like whirlwind of an adventure with Carrie in this glamorous and dazzling New York City, and I have already finished 2 seasons worth of this drama filled with cute boys and big dreams. 620 more words


TV Shows Worth Watching Despite Being Cancelled

I watch waaaay too many TV Shows… I can’t count how many I watch on both my hands! There are so many that I still need to catch up on and so many that I wish weren’t cancelled! 433 more words