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Let's Play: Stories from Family Holidays to Inspire Creative Free Play

Stories To Inspire Creative Free Play

I was a bit of a geek as a teen so homework was completed right after school, part time job on weekends and just a handful of close friends. 840 more words

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Let's Play: Simple Play at the Table

Where did all the play go? Am I the only parent that is mourning its loss?

The new math makes sense to me. I read… 1,123 more words

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Let's Play: Nature Based Play & Art in Autumn

Searching for Fall

Scavenger hunts appear to be popular right now. They are being used for local fundraisers. They are mentioned on many television programs this fall. 506 more words

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Let's Play: Fall Scavenger Hunts

Fall Scavenger Hunts

Our Septembers arrive with excitement for new teachers and school friends. There is also a bit of anxiety while we all adjust to the new changes—NEW teacher!, PE on Monday, new classmates, art on Friday before lunch, etc… We are searching for the new day-to-day routines. 809 more words

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What to Play?: 25 Undone Family Summer Fun Ideas

Family Assignment—Have Fun!

We are in the home stretch. I can’t believe school vacation is coming to an end. Our summer went too fast!

We say those words every year so in the spring we made a list of summer ideas. 412 more words

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Let's Play: Supporting Literacy & Creative-Free Play with Sock Puppets!

Can a Moose Play Sock Puppets Without Thumbs?

I have a great nephew! He is super cute and reminds me so much of my niece, Jessica, (his mom) and my nephew, his Uncle Andrew. 703 more words

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Let's Play: Getting Creative in the Cleanup

Combining Play and Cleanup

Many parents know someone who loves to build with those brightly colored, interlocking building blocks. It starts as a toddler with the bigger, chunkier version and continues up into the tween to teen years for some kids with the 2,000+ piece master builder sets that take hours and hours to complete. 493 more words

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