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Let's Play: Getting Creative in the Cleanup

Combining Play and Cleanup

Many parents know someone who loves to build with those brightly colored, interlocking building blocks. It starts as a toddler with the bigger, chunkier version and continues up into the tween to teen years for some kids with the 2,000+ piece master builder sets that take hours and hours to complete. 493 more words

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Let's Play: Helping Your Local Animal Shelter Through Creative-Free Play

Play and Community Service

It is the beginning of kitten season at the local animal shelters. From spring into summer the shelters are inundated with kittens! 912 more words

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Let's Play: Overflowing Recycling Bins is an Opportunity for Creativity

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“Mom, the recycling bin is overflowing. Why do you keep all those cardboard rolls?”

I just do. I also save all the colorful, plastic, rectangle do-dads that tie off bread bags and the white pull tabs from inside the 1/2 gallon milk carton caps. 466 more words

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Let's Play: Being Creative With Your Old Books

Playing with Books

We might have a book problem at our house. Some are read over and over. Some are just collected such as the various printings of… 801 more words

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Let's Play: Building the Free Play Common Core

Play: Every Child’s Common Core

Free Play and Common Core are not two phrases usually seen together. The basic shared goal, in its┬ásimplistic form, of the… 746 more words

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What to Play?: Build Your Own Entertainment

User Designed & Constructed

It is cold outside. Infrequent snow fall downtown has left little snow for sledding this season or to properly build snow people. 464 more words

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What to Play? T'is the Season of...Silly Walks!

Silly December Walks

monkeys, dogs, cats, snakes, alligators, hawks, chickens, bunnies, ninjas, marshmallows, horses, giraffes, elephants, sharks, butterflies, otters, ants, spiders, gorillas, bumble bees, lions, octopi, snails, bugs, reindeer, pigs, fairies, dinosaurs, snowmen, penguins. 290 more words

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