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Season 3, episode 11: Running with scissors

“Could I feel any more like a hooker?” – Carrie

Good grief. A few episodes ago we learned that Miranda had never been tested for chlamydia in her entire life. 645 more words

Season 3, episode 10: All or nothing

“You have no right to do this.
You can’t just come back into my life and fuck it all up” – Carrie, to Big

“Next time we’re going to a hotel,” says Big, lying in Carrie’s bed. 641 more words


curated by Todd Berryman

One of the things I have written about elsewhere regards albums that have been fairly inspirational when I’ve been working on major projects, something that started in my college days. 3,009 more words


Time Off + a Texas Trip.

January in Indiana is slow season!  We just took a four day trip out to McKinney and Tyler Texas and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was warm, so warm we got to experience an 80* day which was AMAZING!!  70 more words

TT4.78a: Cheer Up

PREVIOUSLY: Glen gave mental suggestions to others, trying to do away with a chip Julie had created, meant to restore the time machine. Instead of Lee getting the chip, a future Carrie appeared to destroy it. 2,394 more words


Series 3, episode 9: Easy come, easy go

“We always used to share a cigarette together” – Big
“We did a lot of things that were bad for me together” – Carrie

The problem with Big is that he just isn’t a nice guy. 768 more words

Portrait of Nancy

This portrait is of Nancy, who I met at the Lancaster Public Library  Lancaster, CA, USA. She was sitting next to a table with pencils configured in a very strange way. 252 more words