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TT1.04: Flight Attendance

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Carrie looked skeptically at Frank’s excited expression. “You’ve figured out how the time machine works,” she repeated back. 3,468 more words


Sex and the City

Yeah, you heard: SEX AND THE CITY. That’s right.

I’ve always been mystified as to the appeal of watching 4 women trotting about in stupid shoes talking constantly about men. 436 more words


Review: All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

The teenage years have always been known for their unpredictability. We are expected to know what we want to do for a career as well as pass the exams that ‘will determine the rest of your life’. 349 more words


It Follows: Suburban Horror Dream World

It Follows is one of the greatest new horror films to come out in recent years. It uniquely subverts the tropes of horror classics past while having a look, music, and plot elements that homages them. 625 more words

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There was a request for a map of our time in Malaysia. So apparently, having one post per 4 months is not sufficient for some people. 469 more words


Dear God No: The Rocky Horror Remake

The last dim light of my adolescence was just extinguished with Fox Studio’s announcement that they are remaking Richard O’Brien’s classic 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show… 978 more words