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1970s Slashers and the Radical Reimagining Female Representation


This is a standalone/follow-up podcast to my last episode on American slasher films. In this episode I discuss early slashers from the 1970s, the Final Girl trope, and complex personhood. 137 more words


Horror and Me

I used to be the sort of person who would do anything to get out of watching horror films but as I have gotten older, I enjoy them a lot more. 766 more words


Singapore love stories: She matchmade him for a year before they married each other

(Source: sg.style.yahoo.com)

Kan tried to set Chiew up with her friends before they confessed their feelings to each other .

This Valentine’s Day, we bring you a series about love stories of people living in Singapore. 693 more words

Current Affairs

Mike Fisher is back which means Carrie Underwood is officially team captain for the Preds

Give her the C patch I’m telling ya.

Huge Preds fan. Def not a Penguins fan- I have a lot of respect for them as a team and franchise and agree there is a ton of talent there. 499 more words

(Video) Police Release Dashcam Of Carrie Underwood Traffic Stop

Now if you’re hoping for some sort of dramatic, tear filled plea for mercy from Carrie Underwood, you’re going to be disappointed. Carrie was soft spoken and apologetic to the officer which is why she was let off, I’d bet. 80 more words


End of sales HAUL: what I got at the last moment! | Zara, H&M and Mango

Hey you lovely people and welcome to another Monday of Fashion!! I asked you for help on my Intagram about what I should buy and here I come to show you the result! 284 more words


Post #2…A writer’s thoughts on remakes

To say I am disillusioned with the Hollywood machine is quite an understatement and I wouldn’t care for sending anything I’d written Stateside.  This may sound awfully pretentious of me (as if they would read anything I had written anyway), but I have my reasons for making such a lofty statement. 480 more words