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Review: Homeland Season 5 Episode 1 "Seperation Anxiety"

With an entirely new setting, and quite interestingly, a new perspective on the political events, Homeland showcases Carrie in new light, something which is incredibly rewarding and will hopefully develop her beyond the ‘same old’ character we knew her as last season, where really all the writers could do with her had already been acheived, but is balanced with touches of her assertion and erratic behaviour, making for a great character study, and while the show does feel unfocussed between Carrie and the Saul and Quinn plot, with some scenes dragging out, ultimately the new characters in between seem intriguing enough and the ‘real world’ situations are tempting as well as gripping. 8.5/10


"All I Know Now" - Book Review

All I  Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Carrie Hope Fletcher is not only a YouTuber, but also an acclaimed actress performing as Eponine in the musical… 318 more words

Top 30: Carrie Underwoods Takes No.1 With "Smoke Break"

Carrie Underwood takes the No. 1 spot on the Top 30!

“Smoke Break,” Carrie’s lead single from “Storyteller” soared from the 3rd spot to the first in just one week. 215 more words


Mindbending - Carrie, The Board Game

If only this had been made – Carrie, the Game of Sweet Revenge by Parker Brothers (via Kindertrauma).  How much fun would this game have been?!?

The Telltale Mind

Mr. Frienths

Carrie – Mondays are already the worst. Having been in the workforce for about three solid months at this point, I am qualified to say this right? 880 more words


TT2.34: Shots Fired

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Julie stared up the driveway to her house. Despite her earlier assurances to Clarke, she realized she was feeling more than a bit anxious. 3,188 more words