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The cool kid in town: Sophie's

I got the chance finally to go to Sophie’s after all the rumors and the noise about this place. To be honest, after my visit my opinions are very divided: a part of me agrees with the glamour it brings to the some times rough Dublin; but the other part was a bit disappointed when we talk about the food itself. 181 more words

Dublin 2

Carrot Ginger Juice (Or Let's Macerate Some Stuff)

For those of you following along, yesterday was the end of my three-day meditative fast. As it turns out, I didn’t touch my script at all. 559 more words



Woke up with a pretty swollen lip and tongue. We’re having tropical storm weather. Totally matches my mood and general health today: dreary.

Buckwheat cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 534 more words


Anti-Inflammatory Carrot Sunrise

I just love making juice.

Every single day after running or pilates I have a huge green juice, a half liter minimum.

Sometimes I like to mix it up though. 115 more words


Orange... green drink!!!

I have a lot of carrots… And I got this funny idea to try a different kind of green drink… I had heard of carrot ginger soup… And love my mint and cinnamon seasonings… I filled my blender 2/3 full with chopped carrots, the rest w a few handfuls of spinach, 1 cup Chobani plain Greek yogurt, 5 droppers of cinnamon liquid stevia, chopped a few pieces off the freshly peeled ginger root and maybe about 1 tablespoon of crushed mint leaves. 25 more words

In General...

5-Day Catalyst Juice Cleanse

This very nice folks at Catalyst Juice, a local Philadelphia juice cleanse and juice/raw cleanse company, contacted me to see if I’d like to try and review one of their freshly-made juice cleanses for you. 460 more words


summery spa salad

Our breakfast this morning included these:

Well. Not that tomato.

Some of these:

A piece of this:

I love fresh juice, and Do Not Love paying $7 a cup for it. 304 more words