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Glorious Green Carrot tops

Only recently did I discover the joy of carrot tops. We grow carrots in our garden each summer and I usually discard the carrot tops. But I now have learnt to use my carrot tops and I actually am more excited about the tops than the carrots. 64 more words


A Leftover Kitchen Lesson

How many people in this world have stale food in the refrigerator or leftovers after a meal? I think its safe to assume that it happens to most of us. 790 more words

Carrot Top Arugula Pesto

POSTED ON March 28, 2017
by trueats

Recently I read that baby carrots are soaked in chlorine during manufacturing processing. I remember hearing this a few years ago, although I have been buying baby carrots in bulk. 509 more words


Carrot Tops Pesto

I try to avoid food waste when ever possible. There is so much carrot greens on the carrots and it would be a shame to throw it away. 63 more words


Start Eating Your Carrot Tops!

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not carrot tops (the leafy tops) are poisonous. There is nothing to suggest that they are and people eat them regularly. 593 more words


CSA Recipe #1 – Carrot Top Pesto

One thing I dislike about recipes is the tendency to be vague (how big is a pinch and what’s a knob of butter?).  It’s okay to cook with instinct, but what if you don’t have any instinct? 255 more words