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Carrot Top Chimichurri

Hate food waste? Same here. That’s why I’m always so excited to learn new recipes for things that would otherwise be considered food scraps, like beet greens and carrot tops. 229 more words


A Leftover Kitchen Lesson

How many people in this world have stale food in the refrigerator or leftovers after a meal? I think its safe to assume that it happens to most of us. 788 more words

Savor Your Scraps - Carrot Tops

If you missed my Savor Your Scraps presentation at East Pierre Landscaping & Garden Center, here is what I talked about. Look for more recipes as we develop them. 723 more words


Carrot Top / Pistachio Pesto

I thinned some carrot seedlings out of the backyard garden to give other carrots room to grow… and remembered I’d heard of carrot top pesto. Indeed, the leaves plus green garlic tops from the garden, olive oil, pistachios, salt, and a little bit of parmesan cheese made a nice nutty pesto. 31 more words


Carrots: From Root to Stem

“Going back to a¬†simpler life is not a step backwards” ~ Yvon¬†Chouinard

The “root to stem” movement is an extension of the “head to tail” movement that popped up not too long ago. 644 more words