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I have been trying to write up my little collection of randomness for several days now. Two obstacles have stopped me. One was my child, who became a weird napper this week instead of a regular napper. 961 more words

An Assortment of Shoots

Last night I decided to try a grand assortment of the shoots found on or near my property right now. All would be oven-roasted in olive oil and salt at 500 degrees except for the garlic shoots, which are getting a bit tough this time of year as they elongate toward making scapes and need gentle stewing in olive oil over low heat for a long time, 25-30 minutes. 659 more words


Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto and Burrata

Words won’t do this masterpiece justice. You need to make this happen in your life as soon as you can.  364 more words

Meat Free

Carrots in the Garden and Carrot Top Greens Recipes

This was the first season that I’ve been able to get carrots to grow. I don’t plant them in raised beds with rich thin soil. I broadcasted the seeds on top of loosened composted soil in the garden near tomatoes, oregano and marigold. 374 more words


Vegan Carrot Top Pesto

Think back to a time when you bought carrots that still had their lovely stems attached. (Hopefully it wasn’t thaaaat long ago). Perhaps you steer clear of the carrots with greens still on because you just throw ’em away as soon as you arrive home from the market. 469 more words


Carrot Top Pesto

I had heard of carrot top pesto and loved the idea of using what would otherwise be wasted. Would it be bitter? I harvested a few carrots from my garden. 138 more words

Bright Ideas

Ginger Nuts and Carrot Tops

Ginger Nuts and Carrot Tops

By Adam Dixon

“Do you know much about the world before they took over?” Mandy asked, taking a long drag on her cigarette. 1,265 more words