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Carrots in the Garden and Carrot Top Greens Recipes

This was the first season that I’ve been able to get carrots to grow. I don’t plant them in raised beds with rich thin soil. I broadcasted the seeds on top of loosened composted soil in the garden near tomatoes, oregano and marigold. 374 more words


Carrot Top Pesto

I had heard of carrot top pesto and loved the idea of using what would otherwise be wasted. Would it be bitter? I harvested a few carrots from my garden. 138 more words

Bright Ideas

Ginger Nuts and Carrot Tops

Ginger Nuts and Carrot Tops

By Adam Dixon

“Do you know much about the world before they took over?” Mandy asked, taking a long drag on her cigarette. 1,265 more words

Pesto possibilities

The basil came late to our garden this year. We planted it, same as always, but for some complex convergence of heat and rain, sunlight and nutrients and pollinators, it took awhile to get going. 1,027 more words


Carrot Top Quiche

One of the perks of living in Portland is the amazing year round farmer’s markets, boasting seasonal produce from local sources. Buying produce at the market has caused me to cook seasonally, which has  expanded my horizons in terms of ingredients, but carrots are one of the few veggies available almost all year round and are one of my favorite staples. 421 more words


Carrot Adventure.

I got a beautiful assortment from Lufa farms in this weeks basket, but it came with a few challenges.

What to do with

Green Tomatoes (challenge in progress) 319 more words


carrot top and garlic scape pesto, caramelized fennel on herbed polenta

Yesterday was a day for celebration and in more ways than one. After five days of recovering from surgery, my mom busted out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. 180 more words