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Spicy Instant Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Looking for a cheap alternative to preparing your next meal? A fan of instant noodles? Well, this simple dish can be prepared in about 30 minutes or less. 161 more words


Thoughts on Slaw

Ever think of making your “cole slaw” with a vinaigrette instead of all that mayonnaise?

Well, here’s how it will look–you can see the cabbage and carrots!!! 148 more words

Healthy Recipes

Włoszczyzna - Italian Stuff

When Italian diplomats who spent time in Poland in the 15th century wrote about Polish food, they complained that it was based mostly on meat and many said that – … 416 more words


Resprouting Vegetables: Part 1

Do you ever wish you had a magically inexhaustible supply of food? Well, for some crops, that’s _almost_ possible. Celery and carrots are amazing vegetables: they’re delicious, high in nutrients, and staples in much of our cooking. 127 more words

Lies Your Parents Have Been Telling You

Hi guys or gals

RainbowPuppy here,there really is no point of saying ‘RainbowPuppy here’as it’s only going to me blogging for now if you’ve read my last blog.For this blog I had written it a day early as I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to publish anything and as you can see this has came out a day late but I’ve got a reason. 150 more words


Six On Saturday: How does your garden grow?

Quite contrarily is my answer! After the slug onslaught the aphids have arrived. Blackfly on the dahlias, nasturtiums and echinops and greenfly elsewhere. It hasn’t rained here in yonks, the onions are ‘delicately’ sized and the parsnips are refusing to play ball.  407 more words



Carrot-Top Pesto?? You’re probably thinking “yuck”, or thinking of names you used to call your least favorite red head…

Hopefully ya’ll don’t get offended by my ongoing sarcasm. 170 more words