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Mason Lynch Rambles at Facebook: Episode 2

Today’s free advertising goes to Subaru and their beautiful BRZ Coupe. See the pictures. No need for more words.

What’s on my mind, Facebook? I’m curious if anyone has any guesses about when and where the Subaru BRZ might hit the bottom of its depreciation curve. 202 more words


Fuel Injected Freedom: New Truck and an Engine Swap

Last time, I wrote about the twelve cars I acquired in 2015, which I mostly got by trading. I ended the year with five vehicles: Toyota Tacoma, Mazda Miata, Volvo V40, 1981 Porsche 924, and of course my beloved 1987 Porsche 924S. 416 more words


The Swingers....

This year primaries in US unveiled that large number of voters wait until last minute to decide who to vote for. This lack of decisiveness may result in 300 million nation being led by a fellow elected by champs who took decision over big mac and fries 10 minutes before closing polling stations. 329 more words

Cars And Driving

Yellow Car, Search

I was walking to the first class of my busy day when I saw a guy I used to flirt with on campus. He was driving a yellow convertible with the top down. 100 more words

The establishment.....

Watching last results of Iowa caucuses made me think of track record of each candidate’s campaign. When I compare Hilary’s and Bernie’s campaigns I can’t stop thinking that establishment class still believes in old fashion targeting where existence of the Internet and online archives can be totally neglected. 431 more words

Cars And Driving

The hangover....  

So the 2015 has ended. The end come with bitter taste of fallen CAD, higher food cost, T2 gender-perfect mob attacking TFSA, tighter mortgage rules, eroded manufacturing business, and Toronto Stock Exchange hovering just above basement. 244 more words

Cars And Driving

Traffic Laws: Humans vs. Robots

Google is having some technical difficulties with its driverless cars.

Or perhaps they’re having human difficulties?

Okay, here’s the story: according to a University of Michigan study, self-driving cars are getting into twice as many accidents as human drivers. 1,759 more words

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