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Unintended consequences...

Engineers are not scientists. They do not attempt to describe universe nor they try to explain universe behavior. Engineers are told to make inconveniences, caused by the universe, to be more bearable to the average Joe. 343 more words

Cars And Driving

The pet peeve ...

We all have one. The pet peeve is part of our life no matter of age we are or place we live in. No matter what social status we have or what sorts of obsessions we are plagued with. 297 more words

Cars And Driving

The Kidults

On November 24th CTV Toronto broadcasted news on 49-storey condo near downtown. The story was about failed elevators and residents being unhappy about having to climb stairs all the way up to their shoeboxes in the sky, 298 more words

Cars And Driving

The Indebted...

This November CBC Market Place bothered to publish long column about car loans. Mob of reporters suddenly discovered that 7-8 year long loans become norm in industry and this can be a good excuse to throw some punches at dealerships. 436 more words

Cars And Driving


“We really have to think about buying a new car,” T. said thoughtfully, eyeing my burgeoning stomach. It was the spring of 1971, and I was already pregnant with our second child. 1,400 more words

Algeria In The Eighties

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Driving is not easy in Algeria. That must be the understatement of the year.

Although an Algerian Highway Code exists, it has little effect on the way Algerians drive.  1,396 more words

Algeria In The Eighties

Commuter Rewards Programs: Why Cambridge-based Green Streets Rocks

Is your workplace looking for an employee rewards program that encourages healthy/sustainable commuting? I’ve looked into different rewards programs in search of a partner and… 398 more words

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