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The School Zone Button

I was thinking about another problem that’s not really a problem, and was surprised that some car company hasn’t already solved it.

Driving through the school zone, I wondered why my car didn’t have a “School Zone Button.” My car, a Mazda CX-5, is a pretty smart car. 278 more words


Fast & Furious - Where to go next?

Recently with all the buzz around Fast & Furious Live, I’ve been thinking about the future of the franchise. Currently, we have 8 films, a theme park ride and a live show, just to name a few things the Fast franchise produces. 372 more words


Car Smashes Into Highway Barrier, Drives Away Like Nothing Ever Happened

Car Smashes Into Highway Barrier, Drives Away Like Nothing Ever Happened via That Life Cars


1999 Ford Taurus Finally Leaving Partner After Years of Physical, Verbal Abuse

Saying that the relationship has been “a living hell,” a local 1999 Ford Taurus is finally saying goodbye to its abusive partner, 44-year-old Jeff Turner. The vehicle recalled some moments of joy, especially in the early years, but described a long history of abusive behavior. 216 more words

Best Car Rental Apps to Hire-A-Car Worldwide!

It’s never been easier to rent a car from mobile device. These amazing apps are your own free personal assistant for all things car rental. Now with these apps, you can easily view or modify upcoming reservations, get directions to a rental branch, call roadside assistance, or easily find a rental car for your next trip at thousands of worldwide locations and travel destinations. 1,599 more words

The Essence of the Unanswered Text

So is that it? Is this how it ends? In silence? No arguments. Just nothing more than a sigh. A breath. A lost message on the breeze, blowing across a grey January sky unanswered. 1,426 more words


Hybrid cars have increased in popularity, but they still make only a little proportion of selling vehicles, and as such some people still aren’t aware of their benefits. 977 more words