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Friday Foto Finder: Dust

Well, it’s ‘Dust’ this week, and instead of presenting you a photo of some dusty corner in my flat, I chose the dust on the windshield of a parked car. 78 more words

Friday Foto Finder

Mercedes G 500 4X4²

As a model brother of the G 63 AMG 6×6 the new “G” blends all the advantages of the model series with a considerably increased performance.


Running to the hills in a 'lil Datsun

One of the best things about Stuff magazine is the breathtaking variety of er, stuff, you get to review. Nope, it’s not just phones and gaming gear that floats our gadgety boat, but a helluva lot more. 284 more words


Watch: Civic Type R’s ‘Ring lap record

Honda releases onboard footage of its 306bhp hot hatch attacking the Nürburgring. Flame wars ahoy!

for more info click here Watch: Civic Type R’s ‘Ring lap record


A special Maserati goes ‘home’

A 1967 Maserati Quattroporte, which belonged to Princess Aly Khan, has gone back to its original home at Eaton Square, London, before being auctioned by international auctioneers Coys on March 10. 512 more words


wild is the wind – david bowie

I don’t see what all the fuss is about wind farms. They provide cheap, clean electricity that will never run out. There are, as I see it, only two significant problems. 397 more words


Study: Self-Driving Vehicles Could Eliminate 90% Of Car Accidents In United States

Although we’re likely a decade or two away from every person on the block owning a driverless car, when the time comes we could be saving billions of dollars and spending far less time dealing with auto accidents. 348 more words

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I'm still nervous about the concept of self driving cars but perhaps they are better than regular drivers and speeding or recklessness can be eliminated. Guess I'm just not used to the idea although I do ride in driverless trains. But somehow that is easier to digest being on a track as opposed to a road with many lanes.