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Rollalife Podcast: Episode 8

Wait no more! After a long long break we have finally emerged to start our summer season of episodes! In the time that we have been gone, multiple happenings have occurred like: Wes keeps getting sick, Turtle has a double entendre-fest with his distributor rebuild, and Reyson has been alive. 46 more words


How this ‘harmless’ driving offence could see you risk a prison sentence

Motorists are being warned that flouting a seemingly innocuous driving rule could land them a prison sentence. 
Lying about the person who committed a driving offence and taking the penalty points for someone else is illegal can land the people involved in serious trouble.  9 more words


Animals By Accident – The Accidental Doolittle


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Run, Skip and Hop Degu 1999

One of the biggest problems l ever encountered when running the small domestic livestock business some 18 years ago was that when you landed a contract to a huge pet store chain and in this case for me between the years of 1994 – 2002 supplying Pet City UK was that they atypically always wanted top quality and 100% healthy animals – which is perfectly acceptable and should be a given – but at the lowest and most competitive price possible. 2,142 more words

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Japanese designers’ brilliant way to stop people forgetting their smartphones in public restrooms

Browsing while pooping is an internationally loved pastime, so here’s a clever way to make sure you never leave your phone behind. 458 more words


P.J. O'Rourke says:

” Automobiles are free of egotism, passion, prejudice and stupid ideas about where to have dinner. They are, literally, selfless. A world designed for automobiles instead of people would have wider streets, larger dining rooms, fewer stairs to climb and no smelly, dangerous subway stations.”