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The Idea: Child Car Seat Proximity Sensor

The Idea:

I want to build a device that is functional and stands the test of time. So let’s start with the test of time…Most parents with infants or toddlers own a car, which means they own a car seat. 230 more words


Who am I?

A dad with two kids, two dogs, a wife, little to no time, little to no money, and a bunch of ideas. I gave up the daily corporate grind, water cooler talk, and a fairly decent career to focus my time and energy on my family. 147 more words


Car seats are for traveling, not sleeping

Car seats are for traveling, not sleeping
By Kathryn Doyle
Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:37pm EDT

By Kathryn Doyle

(Reuters Health) – In a new study of young child deaths in sitting devices like car seats, swings or bouncers, most were due to asphyxiation by improper positioning or strangulation in straps. 593 more words


Purchasing A Car, Flying With An Infant And Carseat, And Where Is The Egyptian Common Sense People?

Lately I’ve been super mentally stressed, so I’ve kinda been dreading sitting down to write a post on my blog. The process of going through all these negative emotions have been a little scary! 2,281 more words

Life In Cairo

娃出生之前都要准备什么 - Gear

自己第一次当妈又加上孕期辞职在家,娃还没出来已经每天收包裹准备了好多东西,后来发现很多东西其实不用着急买,有的压根没用上,有的用着不顺手要退换也很麻烦。分几块写写娃出生之前要准备好的必备物品:gear,nursery,feeding,bath & potty,health & safety和clothes & others,希望大家少花冤枉钱。

大件建议去buybuybaby亲自摸摸看再决定,这家店货最全,基本市面上有的品牌型号都有实物,体验下再下单比较好。 226 more words