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In a Pinch

I am normally on top of things – even with sleep deprivation. ┬áBut today, somehow, I missed the fact that Violet had PA Day today – i.e., NO SCHOOL. 275 more words

My Sunday Photo (9)

Late…AGAIN. The weekend flew past in a blur and I am back sat at my desk pleading for another weekend. This Sunday Huxleys big boy car seat was put to the test.

We Are Like A Toddler in a Car Seat

We are all like toddlers in car seats. Toddlers who don’t understand that they are being driven to playgrounds, birthday parties where there is cake and treat bags and other kids to play with. 128 more words


Pet Car Seat Carrier

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00YR729VA/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1I am still unsure what to mark this up as. There are some good points but some low points.

It was awkward to put it in as there were no instructions included but I eventually worked out with the picture on Amazon. 168 more words


The Wolf Moon Seat Belt Gray Shoulder Headrest Neck Support Pillow Shoulder Pad for Car Safety Seatbelt (gray)

My daughter has always been one to fall asleep in the car. Even though she’s 3 now, she still does it! It makes me absolutely nervous that her head is always cocked to the side or down. 225 more words

5 Stars

Grandma says that SHE is coming to get me today and take me back home with HER…I hope SHE hasn’t forgotten where Grandma lives.

I love my Grandma…but I really really miss HER!

BAYL…from my carseat…

Car Seats for Kids

I am going to talk about car seats for kids. And this is going to be a hard sell, because at anytime you look out on our roads its an all too common sight to see a family of 3 or 4 riding a motorcycle, children sans helmet, with only the adult doing the driving wearing one….because it is illegal to do otherwise. 298 more words