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My New Pet Hate . . . . . People Abusing Parent & Child Parking Spaces!!!

So, since becoming a mummy almost a year ago I’ve developed a new pet hate – people abusing Parent & Child parking spaces.   By abusing I mean (people without children in their car) using the space because it’s closer to the shops (yes, that 10 yards makes all the difference to the lazy buggers), it’s a lovely wide space so there’s less chance of people hitting your car door with their car door, it’s closer to the Pay & Display machine (at Asda), it’s closer to the outdoor plant display (at Lidl),  it’s closer to the trolley park (at Morrisons) etc. 543 more words


Car seats

The moment I found out that I was pregnant, I started researching about car seats. Besides that it is mandated by law to use a car seat, I wanted to provide the best car seat for my baby. 726 more words


The Five Stages of Dealing With Your Kids' Carseats

The instructional manual that came with my kids’ carseats prepared me for lots of stuff. It told me how to check to see if the seat is level, how to recline it, what to do with the tethers, etc. 283 more words


Top 10 tips for flying with a newborn

When our twins were 4 months old, we flew to Minnesota for a month. Traveling with 2 babies, a tabby cat, and enough clothes and stuff for one month took some planning. 613 more words


Βαλίτσα για το... μαιευτήριο!


Μια βαλίτσα ούτε για τις… Σεϊχέλες, ούτε για το Λονδίνο, ούτε καν για κάποιο νησί, αλλά η βαλίτσα σου για να πας να γεννήσεις… χε χε!   47 more words


If it were me....

If it were me I would want to be told.

It is late. I pretty much have given up on this blog thing, but I got to thinking … And couldn’t stop. 501 more words

Forward Cruising

This past weekend marked a milestone!  We turned Hunter’s carseat around!  You’ll realize why I am so excited about this when I tell you how difficult Hunter has been in his carseat. 454 more words