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Getting started: Miami and Cartagena

This is the second blog in the series recounting my trip through South America. If you haven’t read the first one, be dead sound and read it… 1,630 more words

Colombie Caraïbes ou comment Gigi s’est retrouvée nez à nez avec Doris // Caribbean Colombia or how Gigi got nose to nose with Doris the blue surgeon fish

Colombie Caraïbes ou comment Gigi s’est retrouvée nez á nez avec Doris

Lundi 21 aout Gigi a repris la route, et puis les airs, et puis uber, pour débarquer à Cartagène la belle (mais chère et touristique donc moins authentique à son goût). 1,787 more words


Cartagena 3: The Cartagena of Colombia

It seems like when you travel, you often fall into the honeypot of associating every place you go with one you’ve already been. “Oh my this city is so beautiful, it reminds me of a European Denver!” “Wow honey, its like an Asian Albuquerque isn’t it?” “My god Steven, this is almost like the Brainerd of Kazakhstan!” Maybe its just our way of analyzing new places so we aren’t completely overwhelmed by the newness of it. 2,462 more words

Música colombiana - 6 géneros chéveres

La música colombiana recibe influencias europas, indígenas y africanas, por esta razón, es muy diversa. Cada región del país tiene su tipo propio, su estilo de cantar, y de expresar. 448 more words


Cartagena and the bedbugs

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Next stop in Colombia was Cartagena. Probably one of the most visited places in Colombia by tourists. This former Spanish colonial town sits on the Northern coast looking out over the Caribbean Sea and is popular among both backpackers and all-inclusive honeymooners. 1,176 more words


Cartagena 2: The Venice of Colombia

Located in the crux of Italy’s eastern expanse off their peninsula, situated directly on the coast, is the city of Venice. Known as “The City of Bridges,” or “The City of Canals,” or “That City that Keeps Sinking into the Ocean,” Venice is by all accounts a magical city, one that feels as if it was grabbed sometime in the 14th century and plopped down into ours with only the modest of changes. 1,880 more words

Cartagena: The Koh Phi Phi of Colombia

In Thailand, theres an island called Koh Phi Phi. Essentially, there are no adults, it’s like the Neverland of South East Asia, an outcrop of land populated with wild tourists, boat parties, mushroom shakes, and a whole mess of other insanities that are too numerous to list here now. 1,630 more words