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Cruceros Desde Cartagena

Rodeado por la bahía del mar del Caribe, el puerto posee las fortificaciones más completas de América del Sur. Un sistema de zonas divide la ciudad en tres barrios distintos. 10 more words


Misconceptions of Bogota (and beyond) That Really Annoy Me and I'm Tired of Explaining.

“Why does Siri say it’s 59 degrees and raining in Bogota!? It’s July. Anyway, I thought I was going to a HOT country!?” 


Yes, you are going to a “HOT country”. 1,348 more words


Colombia - Cartagena and Playa Blanca

It was a 6 hour bus trip from Taganga to Cartagena where we would spend 2 nights, then head to Playa Blanca for some sea and sand and then head back to Cartagena for another 2 nights. 1,916 more words

cartagena, the last stop

It was time to make my way along the coast to Cartagena, my last stop before departing to Panama and also where I would be ringing in the new year. 948 more words


a slice of san blas

Finally the day had come, time to set sail to Panama, I had been looking forward to this for so long! The trip from Cartagena would take us five days; about thirty hours of rough, choppy ocean and the rest of the time would be spent in paradise – otherwise knows as the San Blas islands. 520 more words


Life After Love

We will be crazy 70 year old women shouting out Cher tunes (her favorite) and swinging in hammocks made from the painted silk scarves…

1,351 more words


I was very excited about going to New Carthage! And then we crossed paths with the king, which confused a couple of tours… not mine, though, because when the guns went off as we stood in the Roman theatre museum and my guide said hopefully, “We could go outside for 10 minutes and see the king and come back!”, my tour group said no, they would rather see the Roman theatre, thank you. Oh well.