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Woman Disappointed That Colombia Was Awesome

(Los Angeles, CA) After receiving multiple warnings about crime, disease, and danger in Colombia, one woman was disappointed that her vacation turned out quite fabulously. 694 more words


Carefree in Cartegena

Travelling solo in my first week and a half in Colombia was unplanned, but has been a great experience. Unfortunately, work got in the way for my original travel buddy, and her company canceled her vacation last minute. 336 more words


To the Coast

On December 30th, Bianca and I boarded an early morning plane to Barranquilla. From there we caught a bus to Cartagena, because this way was cheaper than flying direct to Cartagena. 287 more words

Legales, Ladrones, y Lavadoras

Returning to the land of golden arepas and Vallenato music during a January festivo weekend meant time to walk around colorful San Diego, in the center of Cartagena de Indias. 778 more words


I would run

I’ve taken to walking. If I were a runner, I would run. But I hate running, among many other things.

My favorite route is the uninterrupted five-mile stretch between Castillo Grande and Bosque, where I live. 98 more words

First weeks in Cartagena

When I arrived in Cartagena, i was really confused, it’s hard to get it to your head, that this is where you will be living for the next 6 months. 931 more words


Mompos, Colombia

I had long been intrigued by Mompos. A fabled Colombian city of exquisitely preserved colonial architecture, Mompos is perhaps best defined by its obscure location. The city sits on an island, shrouded by a maze of marshes on the Magdalena River, several hours inland from the Caribbean Coast. 1,123 more words