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Silk Road's Ross Ulbrecht -- Prison for Life?

I was reading about the sentence that was handed down to this guy Ross Ulbrecht — sentenced to life in prison. He started a website where people could buy and sell drugs anonymously called Silk Road. 361 more words


#TBT Cartel..As Captivating As Ever

Most people don’t prescribe pop-punk music as being a base song for a jazz lyrical dance, but I thought otherwise. I was 15 years old when we were practicing triples and fuetes  and that’s when I came across “Runaway” by Cartel. 388 more words


Iggy Azalea to lose "Top Rap Song" Award?

Well, it seems the hate for Iggy Azalea continues. Earlier this year Iggy’s oh so popular song “Fancy” won a Billboard Award for Top Rap Song (which some argue it isn’t even rap), but a recent petition implies that the song wasn’t even eligible to be nominated in the first place. 108 more words


And now this : The U.S. just indicted top world soccer officials. Here’s John Oliver’s takedown of FIFA. (VIDEO)

It’s amazing that it’s taken this long for this group to be brought up on racketeering charges. FIFA is nothing more than a giant slush fund controlled by its CEO or president or king whatever he calls himself. 20 more words

Death By Chocolate

The year was 2051
Twas ten years to the day
Chocolate was illegalized
In the USA

The government said sadly
That’s how it had to be… 335 more words