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The best donut place ever. 

One of my favourite things is tricking my friends into eating things that are vegan and gluten free without them noticing. Now that I’ve been this way for more than half a year now I’ve gotten pretty good at it. 191 more words


Adventure Tuesday

In the name of the Vancouver Public Library’s Summer of Learning program, here’s me trying new donuts at Cartem’s Donuterie, going to Spyglass Dock, a place I’ve never been before in Vancouver, and then playing some piano in public (though I don’t have a pic of me playing since my hands were busy… you’ll just have to take my word for it. 78 more words



 Last week’s shenanigans at Capilano Bridge.

Whelan boy

Lil Boy here killin my vibe.
I miss my family.

Friday’s post-conference meal with Tessa and Trixie… 35 more words

Daily Blog

Cartems Donuterie

This is my go to place for vegan doughnuts! Since they are conveniently near the transit transfer from school to home, I would occasionally bring my friends for a after school date. 65 more words


My Donut Bucket List

Yes, it is exactly as the title suggests. I am not prepared to leave Vancouver until I have tried only the best of the best, donuts around. 289 more words


I Dream of Cartems

I love donuts, OK, I said it.  Who can resist deep fried dough drizzled with chocolate glaze, or dusted in cinnamon and sugar.  Every major culture has their own version, from the Italian zeppole, to the French beignet.  453 more words


Finding great food in Vancouver, part 1

I recently had the opportunity to visit Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada (which might be the most beautiful city in North America.)  Whenever I visit a new city, I like to seek out food destinations that serve unique and delicious dishes.  610 more words