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Cold Air?? Don't Care

This cold is enough to make us all crazy, but if we dress warmly enough, we can do this!!

Last week’s In Touch magazine asked the question, “Would you wear a fuzzy sweater”? 304 more words


Homo erectus, who first appeared on the scene 1.8 million years ago, mastered fire after a number of failed attempts (which explains the scant eyebrows seen in all their selfies discovered in archaeological digs). 96 more words


Part 3: The Nanny Named Celia

I sat in front of the vanity, getting ready to Astrud Gilberto’s sumptuous Portuguese crackling on the Victrola. I’ve always had this idea that party hosts should wear breezy, flowing clothing – looking chic and effortless even if picking out the outfit was a trial through the closet trenches.

705 more words

White and Denim

Hey everyone,

Today’s outfit I would say would be one of my staple kinds of outfits for Summer. I wear this kind out outfit out to lunch, uni and even for casual dinners. 177 more words

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