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A*L*I*E*N* S*E*R*E*N*A*D*E*

Alexander Rubin sits down with Baltimore-based R&B singer, :3lON.

Alexander Rubin lives in the suburbs and loves in the city– Baltimore city. He is a composer, filmmaker, & writer, like, duh.

Falling In Love with Steven Universe

Lately I’ve been suffering from some pretty hardcore migraines and headaches, and I’ve been finding it difficult to get into too many films where I have to pay attention for more than a short amount of time. 339 more words

Film Grimoire

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Source: Ninjago Mağara Kaçışı,Ninjago Mağara Kaçışı oyunu,Cartoon Network Oyunları,Oyun oyunoyna.tv.tr… 110 more words

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Ben 10: Alien Swarm 2009

And now we come to the film that will likely wrap up this month of kids movies unless I happen to squeeze one more in tomorrow. 1,090 more words


Cartoon Network şi Inna au lansat un videoclip

Îndrăgita cântăreaţă este vocea melodiei de generic a celebrei animaţii „Fetițele Powerpuff”

  Cartoon Network a lansat alături de celebra cântăreaţă Inna un videoclip pentru piesa „Fetițele Powerpuff”, melodie de generic a serialului animat cu acelaşi nume. 310 more words



Lol Okey so I found a Web page earlier. I don’t remember it now 😭 BUT HAVE NO FEAR! Emma is here and gonna save your day because I’m gonna search for it again! 186 more words


Powerpuff Girls. A new girl. Inna

S-au întors…Blossom, Bubbles și Buttercup salvează lumea din nou, în cea mai nouă serie „Fetițele Powerpuff”!

Celebra cântăreaţă Inna s-a alăturat celor trei fetiţe, în scopul lor de a salva lumea înainte de ora de culcare. 140 more words

Street Spirit