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Teen Titans Go! -- Bees as Money

This was forwarded along by the good folks at Norton Economics. The characters on the show go on to discuss bees as currency, which would be a great intro for a principle of macroeconomics course.


Viral Video Friday: Teen Titans Go! Funny Clips

Viral Video Friday goes all Teen Titans Go!  Here’s a collection of funny clips collection for your cubicle break. 8 more words


Attack the Light – Steven Universe Review: Neato Burrito!

Today’s twenty- and- thirty-somethings have two hobbies: Beating back their encroaching student loans with a stick, and complaining about how bad children’s television today is compared to ’80s fare like Transformers and Thundercats. 496 more words


Black Superheroines Thunder & Lightning Star in DC Nation Short

DC Superheroines Thunder and Lightning are the focus of a new series of short animated episodes airing on DC Nation’s Saturday animated shorts.

The short mini-episodes center around classic DC superhero Black Lightning and his two daughters Thunder and Lightning. 95 more words


Pattaya part 2 - All about the kids!!!

If you’ve read my last post that you would already know that we went on a family holiday in Pattaya and boy was it different!!! Chauffeured and kids oriented and so it continues onto… 1,233 more words


Back In My Day

One of the strangest things you have to get used to when working with kids now is how much they use electronics. A lot of them have phones, most of them have a DS, and that’s just the handheld stuff. 805 more words