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MCM Comic Con London

Whichever Comic Con you go to today, we hope that you have a great time! What’s the best outfit you’ve seen?


Coffee Truck Blues

May 23, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

We’ve all been there … in line somewhere (grocery store, movies, etc.) and someone in front of us seems to take longer to do their business than usual.  375 more words


Happy Weekend Y'all !!!!


I hope you’re enjoying the Muscleheaded Blog !

My queue takes over until the wee early hours on Tuesday.

If you have suggestions, questions, or submissions, 25 more words


My new gig on Fiverr - Cartoon character

Need your own cartoon character to represent yourself in your website, blog, business or personal use?

Check out my new gig on Fiverr. For each character, only $5 for HALF BODY. Full body $10.


3am work in progress

This particular character is one you will be seeing often. Androgynous people with luscious wild hair are my absolute favorites to draw. He is a character I created years ago, and is a very special fictional character of mine. 45 more words

Digital Art