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Bad Dad Joke of the Day #2

I thought I would start posting a bad dad joke of the day under this title, that way, you can see the title and steer clear.   36 more words

Robots Have Their Dignity

Great third and fourth panel by T.  Though would like to see Robot Hammy.

Comic Commentary


A new Lesson available! This time talking about ANTICIPATION and the different types of animations that need it! ;)

In the Lesson I’m using my NEW… 44 more words


Tiger Fashion!

You shouldn’t mix stripes with polka dots but who’s going to question a Tiger!  Now if green with yellow polka dots becomes a popular print, remember you saw it here first!


I’ve heard some interesting stories involving kids and scissors and unfortunately the stories included either hair or clothing. 😜 I know some scissor adventures aren’t funny at the time they happen, but usually later on we can look back and laugh about the situation. 17 more words


The Diversity of Star Wars

Since the publication of the Star Wars novelization in 1976 we have had 41 years of Star Wars content being released nearly every single year. Whether it arrived in the form of films, books, games, toys, action figures, or other paraphernalia it is clear that Star Wars came and never went. 1,160 more words

Star Wars