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Spongebob and Patrick Are the Best Cartoon Tandem Ever

If you can think of the funniest partners in cartoons, who would that be? Will that be “Timon and Pumba”, “Lilo and Stitch”, “Ren and Stimpy”, or even that weird cartoon animal called “Catdog”? 17 more words


I would like to dedicate this effort to Ray Hecht

… who, in a comic of his own, once asked the question “Is there anything so utterly useless as one solitary chopstick?”   7 more words

Polar bear birthday

Who doesn’t like a cute animal friends cartoon on a Wednesday? Little secret alert: whenever I want to feel happy, I just watch a few videos of animals interacting with each other (seriously check out… 13 more words


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Prompt: Rhythmic

No, it can’t be Wednesday again already.

It is.

But it was just Wednesday a minute ago.

A week ago.


Peace and quiet,


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