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Play Ball! Perspective and Layout

Perspective can be tricky. If it’s wrong in you’re drawing, the whole thing will look terrible. It complicates matters tremendously when you’re drawing what you know to be a perfect square, like a baseball diamond, and you can’t figure it out. 366 more words

Sketchbook February 28, 2015

playing with dip pens, the big black dots are part of why I usually stick with rapidographs, though I do like the lines you get with a nib

Whales, sharks and medication. Oh my!

Don’t let the title fool you.  This is really a week-in-review of cartoons.  However, I thought I’d change the format a bit for this from here on out. 800 more words


"Pestilent Pear" Lowbrow Fruit Food Cartoon Character Sketch

There are a lot of foods that start with the letter “P”, but very few words related to “gross” that begin with the letter “P”.