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I’ve heard this from a lot of people in a lot of places, so maybe there’s something to it.

Trump is a horrible president. He not only won the office, but has been a sore… 234 more words


1358: Pikachu Libre!

A commission of my favorite Pokémon thing EVER. Once again, credit to the art staff at Pokémon/Nintendo.


1357: Believe it!

Another commission – full credit to the promotional art team, all I really did was put my spin on there stuff.

Comic Art

What's in Your Closet-Cartoon of the Week

The Story Behind the Cartoon

In trucking things build up over time as we run down the road and accumulate things. Spring is a great time to clean things out getting ready for the show season. 81 more words

Bruce Outridge

Episode 2 of Dungeon Dynamite Is Here

I do the voice of the MATH WIZARD in my friend Crazy Boris’ animated series DUNGEON DYNAMITE. Episode 2 was released the other day, so give it a watch. 15 more words


Anime Spring Season 2017 - Early Impressions - Segmented Version

Considering how long these are getting, as an experiment I am cutting the full post into three parts.

Part 1: A to F

Part 2: G to R… 25 more words


Anime Spring Season 2017 - Early Impressions

[Segmented Version Available, split into three more digestible parts.]

Cor, this season feels a bit larger than the last one. And a bit beefier. 10,959 more words