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Anime Saturday

Why yes it is Saturday once again. Any fellow Anime lover who happens to lurk around here at random might know what that means: It is time for another anime movie! 119 more words


"It's coming right for us!"

From: South Park

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Uncle Jimbo

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from the incredibly successful Comedy Central cartoon, South Park. 177 more words


Anime Autumn Season 2017 - Mid-Season Update

Aha! For once this is at the exact midpoint, the middle of the month of the middle month of the season! Assuming I manage to finish writing today. 4,696 more words


Turning a Caricature into a Movie

The Story Behind the Caricature

Not sure why but group caricatures have become popular in caricature. Sometimes the client decides to get creative and offers a scenario. 104 more words


Anime Saturday

Yup, it’s time for another interesting anime. A bunch of crazy school kids are preparing for Christmas. Not everyone is as excited about it though. For me it feels quite relatable because I am trying to prepare for Christmas with a bunch of folks a swell. 35 more words