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Characters caricatured...Serial Killer and Panty Bandit

Hey what’s up everyone!

Do you remember Valentine’s Day for a serial killer?

Want a little idea of what the guys I motioned in that story look like? 18 more words


Color Classics: Betty Boop in Poor Cinderella

I want to close out the string of Fleischer Color Classics cartons. There are a couple dozen more of them, but I think we’ve seen a fair sampling of what they’re like. 662 more words


Cat Box

I’m a life-long Kliban Cat fan, but I don’t remember this one.

I’m happy this cartoon informed me of eatmousies.com.

Feed Your Inner Child

My first post of this blog is going to be about something nostalgic for those that are close to my age. Cartoons have always been a part of our childhood and I’m sure I’m not the only one that misses watching them on occasion. 238 more words


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water Review

I’ll gladly admit to being a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, and I still enjoy going back to older seasons of the show. Spongebob is just a delight, and his attitude and work ethic are something to be admired. 1,178 more words


Play Ball! Perspective and Layout

Perspective can be tricky. If it’s wrong in you’re drawing, the whole thing will look terrible. It complicates matters tremendously when you’re drawing what you know to be a perfect square, like a baseball diamond, and you can’t figure it out. 366 more words

Nothing But More Executed And A Common Sense Matter, Civil Rights. The TAX.

It is now 2015 or I am crazy. Think 9/11.

and HUD who pays for low income housing says no TV except by satellite dish and no smoking will improve my quality of life as a housing needy. 188 more words