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Christ on a bike!

It’s October, and that means daily drawing for Inktober. So here’s Christ on a (badly drawn) bike because… well, no reason.


ANIME IS NOT CARTOON!... Learn what makes anime fans angry!

Most animes are rated 18+… like this one (Tokyo Ghoul).

Let’s stop right here and question your sanity first. Look at that ☝(up) picture. Who in their right mind would let a child watch something like that, i don’t know about you but ‘Power Puff Girls’ was enough to give me nightmares when i was a kid. 445 more words

Headline of the day: Desperate times, measures

Plus today’s Graphic Representations.

First, the headline. . .

You knew it was coming, via Agence France Presse:

Trump ready to drag Bill Clinton sex scandals into US campaign…

258 more words

Comic Strip Saturday: French Fries

Of course French fries deserve an entire comic strip of their own! Whatever do you mean?

Happy Saturday!