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Animaniacs and Racial Identity

Recently, the Animaniacs has been added to Netflix. Now, being pretty young, I never really watched the show while growing up, but I decided I should probably find some sort of joy in watching the show. 430 more words

Loooong Distance Relationship Story

Today’s online world has pushed away all the boundaries and brought us closer to the people sitting even across seven oceans!

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Takes all kinds (#197)

Also, if you’re interested, I added a new page where I post updates. It’s called “What I’m doing.”  People who’ve been following for a while know I’m not great at talking about myself. 17 more words


Malaysian Activism--1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backwards but for Technology and Guts

May 6, 2016

Malaysian Activism–1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backwards but for Technology and Guts 

by Mikha Chan


As much as we like to say that Malaysia is where free speech goes to die, we can’t deny that we’ve seen some progress in expanding our democratic space. 434 more words


From The April 2016 Scraps File

Bits from my scrap file that I couldn’t use in April 2016. Free to good home. No pedigree available on metaphors. Papers available upon request but don’t ask me to whom. 720 more words