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"Mediterranean 2018: A Puzzle"

“Mediterranean 2018: A Puzzle”: A cartoon about the migrants crisis in the Mediterranean


Fate/Zero anime review

The holy grail, the mythical wish granting device lost to history, can only be claimed by a truly mighty hero, and thus is born the grail war, a battle of legendary heroes allied and controlled by mages, all vying for the greatest prize in all time, the wish granting holy grail, which grants its owner a true miracle. 481 more words


The Big O II: Act 22- Hydra

(Act 21: The Third Big)

It now appears that Alex Rosewater, and by extension Paradigm Corp., were aware of the existence of foreigners outside of Paradigm City, as well as foreign sleeper agents from The Union within the city, all along. 1,576 more words


my pregnancy journal

when i found out i was pregnant, i thought it would be nice to keep a diary during my pregnancy, so that i could look back on it in the future and remember the experience.  241 more words

Life Of Caity

The Popeye Two-Reelers Reused: Two I Can't Show You

I had a great idea going here. I’d show one of the two-reeler Popeye cartoons, and then show its reincarnation as a one-reeler clip cartoon. I’m foiled here. 1,161 more words