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Chicken and Guns

Chicken and Guns opened about 3 weeks ago. They feature locally sourced chickens roasted over white oak and mesquite. Their inspiration came to them from roadside vendors roasting chickens in Mexico. 124 more words


Pyro Pizza Portland at Cartopia

My last full day in Oregon we went to Cartopia, a lot filled with food trucks at the corner of SE 12th and Hawthorne Blvd in Portland. 402 more words


Day 8 of our Northwestern excursion: Vintage shopping and Cartopia

Before heading to downtown Portland for a Friday of antique and vintage shopping, we stopped into Baker and Spice on Capitol Highway, which was just down the road from our guest house. 682 more words


CKC #32: Not so much about the food

Tonight Blaine wheeled over from Free Geek and we met up with Joyce and Tom at Cartopia, the closest-to-home food cart pod, and one of the very first in Portland. 303 more words

Cookless Kitchen Chronicles

CKC #4: Strawberries are here! Strawberries are here!!

Okay, tonight illustrates why we live at location, location, location! Do you know that we live within easy walking distance to a whole boatload of awesome eateries? 382 more words

Cookless Kitchen Chronicles

Day 4-Portland, Gardens, Donuts, and Alicia's

Today we got up early to pack up Salsa and get ourselves ready for our trip down to Portland! We ate breakfast at Danae’s: strawberries, lemon bread, and walnut bread. 483 more words


Gone in Sixty Hours: Classy in Portland Part 2

Where did we leave off?

Aahh yess, with Friday night, a night that ended not too late but still in epic degrees of exhaustion; alors waking up early Saturday morning was a tad of a struggle; however this struggle was alleviated by the fact that we were arising for an 11:30 gel manicure appointment- at the ridiculously reasonable cost of $25. 780 more words

Flavourite Foods