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Ways to exercise

  1. Dance
  2. Fitness ball
  3. Go outside and run
  4. Hike
  5. Buy a treadmill
  6. Lift heavy stuff
  7. Jump rope
  8. Juggle
  9. Take the stairs
  10. Rollerblading
  11. Bike riding
  12. Trampoline
  13. Climb a tree…
  14. 23 more words

Ode To Frank

Oh Frank you were a horrid soul
Behind the blinds you hid
Your winter years you did devote
To frightening our kids

Lumb’ring round the apartment like… 182 more words


You've Either Got it or You Haven't!

When I went out for a walk with Miss Hap on Saturday, it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. As we passed the field she decided to show off her cartwheeling skills, and I said I would take a photo of her. 33 more words


Oh, to be seven

Of late, I’ve been watching Little Miss and thinking that seven years old is just about the perfect age to be. After some reflection, here are my reasons why it’s just the most delightful age…. 287 more words


Winter Buzz

https://aprompteachday.wordpress.com/2015/09/20/prompt-83-a-flash-of-winter/  50-word limit is the rule!

September wonders,

“Why all the buzz for Winter??”

Relish brilliant warmth

Of Indian Summer.  Be

Present amid turning leaves: 33 more words


Scarlette Letter –September 9, 2015

Students of happiness agree that certain habits foster feelings of contentment, peace, and joy. These habits include:

Gratitude – I’m grateful for little bits of solitude in the middle of a busy work day… 235 more words

Scarlett Letters

Fresh Cut Flowers – September 4, 2015

Top Speed: 64 mph (in a 60 mph zone, I only went to the shoe store and Whole Foods)

Lustful Object du Jour: Black, old school, slip-on Van’s and distressed Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans with flap back pockets (I wore my old ones out) 651 more words