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Turning Cartwheels is 32

At least once a year, I check to see if I can still do a cartwheel. It’s one of those, let’s see if you’ve still got it kind of tests.   141 more words


The Power of Cartwheels

In retrospect, it shouldn’t have been so surprising that Lauren and I became instantly close. In my early teens, I had learned that the only way to get the kids in my grade to notice me was to be too loud to ignore, even if I didn’t yet have anything meaningful to say or any real friends to say them to. 2,643 more words

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Essay Fiesta Gets Presidential on February 16th!

Presidents’ Day is the day on which we observe the birthday of every US president. It’s totally weird that all presidents were born on the same day. 100 more words

Essay Fiesta

Excel Tumbling Showcase

I am so proud of all of the athletes that performed for us tonight! They are such brave souls and have worked so hard! Thank you parents, for all of your support! 18 more words

King Kong 2005: Um......

King Kong 2005 starts out with a v e r y   s l o w beginning! It takes 71 minutes before KK even comes on!!  Come on!!! 582 more words