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I woke up early this morning for my run. Achy and sore.

Standing at the sink filling my cup, I remembered that these aches were the result of an afternoon of fun. 92 more words


#noregrets—advice from a guy on a plane

I know it’s trite to say, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Especially when it involves the person you sit next to on an airplane. 816 more words

July 4th Handstands & Cartwheels with the Fam

There is something magically about hanging out with family. 😄😄

We hype each other up, argue, and always hug at the end of the day. I’m lucky to have a family. 82 more words


Stop Being Quirky

I was walking my dog Max a little while ago, because he’s a good boy when he’s not eating everything in sight. I got to a crosswalk, and as I waited for the light to change I saw a girl walking down the street, dressed in that “retro ‘90s” style.You know what I’m talking about: mid-level socks with frilly tops, tennis shoes from some weird-ass, extinct brand like Avia or Etonic, purple nylon windbreaker with an elastic bottom that makes that… 779 more words


Once Long Ago

Movie by Jeanne in Looksery


Once Long Ago

Before time was locked
inside of clocks,
there was a child
who remembered
being ancient
in another lifetime. 53 more words


Color Wheel

Doesn’t the dress just makes you want to do cartwheels? A play of colors, this dress speaks for itself in terms of the name. I remember when my mom came home with this one piece of fabric. 29 more words