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grinding wheel set-up

Talking with one of the boys after church this week, a couple of interesting points came up about setting up a grinding machine.

First off let’s clarify what is grinding and how it differs to honing. 590 more words


Do I Really Have to Keep Talking to My VA?

Do I?

Isn’t the whole reason for hiring a VA is just so I get to do what I want to do? So that I can focus on my genius? 173 more words

Hire A Va

COTD 14.08.15: Seek the savvy...

Today’s COTD is the 2 of Swords

Now how do I slice and dice this turkey???  Decisions, decisions.

How can you even consider making a decision on something when you don’t have all the facts!   72 more words


create a path

watch the way the
water carves the rock.
so must we carve our
stories into life.



Another modality that we offer at Structure Therapy is catered to Bodybuilders exclusively.  Carving.

“Carving sessions…  What can we say?  PAIN and Vanity!”

When body fat levels reach below 10% while preparing for competition, the ability to “carve” out the muscle bellies by splitting the fascia casing is the key to victory! 58 more words

Structure Therapy Technique