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Events – A series of events keep taking place simultaneously leading to what we call as destiny. The couple in love did their job and waves did their own. 36 more words


Carve. What does it mean? I mean seriously, what can be said for this word. It is just a word, right? Words change meanings, develop new character. 360 more words


Material Things

This poem was inspired by the following article:
Young NSW woman’s open letter to the world shared following her death

Gather thee goods of material wealth… 130 more words


Yesterday Is Over

Take the love from yesterday

Carve it out of my heart

It only serves as a reminder

Of what could have been

If only you had stayed… 26 more words


A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge woke up suddenly. It took all the energy he could muster to sit upright. He was gasping, mouth parched, heart racing, and he was moist. 166 more words



Most experiences carved into our lives leave a scar behind… 137 more words

He had one talent?

Mike J. fell in love every week. Each week, he scrolled the pages of the online dating sites. He said It was a babe-buffet. 

Look but don’t touch… 235 more words