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A good thing about the world wide web is its ability to store countless pieces of art without having the need to consume products that cost money. 116 more words


How Not To Cut A Mango

A mango is not
an avocado
and the pit
is not a nut
at its core.
It is flattish,
like a sole-fish,
having curves,vulvar. 59 more words


A Trapper's Life | Happy People

You may already have seen this wonderful documentary film about the seasonal life of a trapper in the Siberian Taiga. Directed by Werner Herzog and Dmitry Vasyukov it depicts a seemingly bygone way of life continuing into the 21st century. 93 more words



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Overview: An EMPATHY Shoe is THE most individualisable shoe possible. Using LASERS and TATTOOS, we can carve ANY IMAGE YOU LIKE into the sole, or onto the leather, of a beautifully-Bauhaus-inspired, minimalistic shoe. 31 more words


Hammer Carve Tool - False claims

Hammer’s Source map editor’s Carve function isn’t ALL bad. People have claimed that it’s horrible, but it’s actually a really smart tool. It’s not smart enough to use less brushes but that’s not too bad. 129 more words