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Week 4 Marathon Training, Lifting, Reflections

Marathon Training – My 4th Official week on plan – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting! 🙂

  • I’m now 8weeks from the California International Marathon (
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Carve These Star Wars Pumpkins, You Shall

(Source: www.wired.com)

Halloween is this weekend, which means you only have two days to carve a truly epic pumpkin. But luckily, like Luke Skywalker before you, the Force is on your side. 119 more words


The Bucket List: Haute Pumpkin Edition

Fall is my favourite season and where I’m from, I only get to enjoy it for about a month before winter comes into full swing. So, I’ve created my own bucket list of all the things I will complete by the end of October. 38 more words


"Art in Space"

“The artist must have the patience of water that eats away the rock drop by drop”

– Auguste Rodin

No matter how uninspired I can get when creating an artwork, I should never give up on it because an unfinished artwork will never leave a good feeling and it also won’t do any good on myself.

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Into your heart

of fine grained

red desert sandstone

using a claw chisel

a pointed chisel

and a flat chisel

I carved a Temple.

When I was young… 129 more words

Carve - A Simple Guide To Whittling

I’m going to start by saying that this book is beautiful! It’s hardcover looks like wood and the Title appears to be carved into it. The beauty only continues inside with the end pages. 329 more words

Book Review

The murderer by accident

Dicky is brought to court on charges of murdering Bob with repeated knife blows.

“Say, Dicky, how things happend.”

“You see, Judge, I stood on the steps of my house with a knife in my right hand and a stick in my left hand. 83 more words