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Unseen Forces

Unseen forces sculpt

Washboard sands and tattered skies

And carve furrows in our lives


Yet let’s not despair

For though the shaping’s painful

Unseen forces can repair.


Happy Halloween!

I let my classes choose an American holiday to celebrate, and my Monday class chose Halloween. Even though I told them to dress up and gave examples of how to do it, I was still the only person who did; but we had a great time carving pumpkins anyway.  209 more words

Two Fall Updates

We started with the little things: scraps of junk, things of no import or stuff we could do without. But soon we had to burn the things we needed, the things we loved.

220 more words

Pumpkins and Failed Icing | Halloween.

Instead of spending this years Halloween at a party or club with a touch of fake blood on my lip that remotely resembles some what of a ‘costume’, I decided it would be fun to have a night in with friends baking Halloween cookie and cakes and having a pumpkin carving competition! 404 more words

Knives and paints out

It’s been another manic day, barely sat down all day but I did make sure to carve my pumpkins and create a little beauty all for Halloween night tomorrow. 16 more words