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Woodcarving has been a gift to me

So, just speaking sentamentally, When Marty Eddinger, introduced me to woodcarving I had no idea the gift it would be to my life.  Why has it made such a healthy impact in me.  145 more words


Carving Outside

My craving to be outdoors only seems to be intensifying over the years, as does my love for carving.  It’s a good thing, then, that these two desires are sometimes compatible.  334 more words

#Bonsaicarving : Yet another Australian Bush Cherry carved...

This weekend was a very busy one. I spent most of it carving my huge Australian Bush Cherry that I have planted in a old water fountain basin. 1,220 more words


Bigger and Bigger, Part 2

The carving seems to have taken a toll on me. Lately with all these bigger pieces that I am working on with Meranti wood which is harder than balsa, I could feel a slight pain especially on the right elbow when I exert some strength. 90 more words


crossbow project

I’ve been making a crossbow over the last few weeks as a kind of intermediate step towards building the ‘big one’ – no pictures yet but I’ll post some before long.  152 more words

Bigger and Bigger

It looks like the flavor of the month has changed. In April, I was carving up Gnomes, this May it’s Monuments that I am doing. And they are getting bigger in size too. 57 more words


Outside My Comfort Zone

I have been building Colonial America furniture pieces for several years. From small tables and candle stands to large chests and even a canopy rope-bed. Just recently, I took a giant step outside my comfort zone, deciding to try my hand at woodcarving. 133 more words

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