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Doing: whittling 

Little bunnies and squirrels I’ve whittled and mostly finished sanding but haven’t painted yet!

Carving Tips For Dummies

  1. It’s not going to be perfect the first time…
  2. Or the second time…
  3. And probably not the third time.
  4. Keep at it, even when it gets frustrating, the feeling of accomplishment will be worth it.
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Carving : Let's Try That Again

After my shoddy attempt at carving I thought it would be a good idea to give it another try- this time keeping the lessons from last time in mind. 387 more words


Check Out My Carving Skills

I was invited to enter a pumpkin contest. I didn’t realize pumpkin carving could be pretty fun (and messy). Not bad for my first try though. 11 more words

Let's talk about carving

‘Tis the season for carving pumpkins, but this post is actually about something more serious and not talked about nearly enough. I get it, for those of us who do and have done it, it’s a very personal private thing; and for those who haven’t, it’s scary and impossible to understand. 1,097 more words


More Tools

I’ve come to conclusion that it takes more than the carving tools to make the end piece look good. The filing or the sanding down of the surface to smoothen it is the essence as much as what the shape is. 58 more words