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Jong-min Lee - meditations in white

I came across Jong-min Lee’s porcelain art very recently on Facebook. Instantly, I was filled with awe and wonder looking at the images of his work. 373 more words


किताबों की पर्त-दर-पर्त कार्विंग करके बनाई गई कलाकृतियां

टोक्यो में रहनेवाले कलाकार और डिज़ाइनर तोमोको ताकेदा (Tomoko Takeda) अपनी विज़ुअल आर्ट्स की सीरीज़ “story fragments” के लिए किताबों में कुछ इस तरह की काट-छांट करते हैं कि वह कला का अनूठा उदाहरण बन जाती हैं. 6 more words


How to Carve a Sign for Your Tiki Bar

When a young man’s (or woman’s) fancy turns to thoughts of their dream home tiki bar, one of the first things settled on is a name for their own little corner of paradise. 1,490 more words


Buddha Heads

No one grows up


to carve Buddhas

for a living,


there is a calling for it.

Sculptor of the divine,


Who thinks of these things, 37 more words


Your Face Is Set In Stone, Your Hair In A Permanent Wave...

In the Portrait room there are more than portraits in painted form, there  are also ones carved in marble too.

These busts are of prominent people of the time, and the detail not just in the faces but also in the texture of the hair, hands and cloth around them is nothing short of stunning. 200 more words


Mighty Eagle Bird Carving by Might Sepik Local

Amazing local man from Sepik in his forties carved this mighty eagle out of wood at Morata in NCD. His skill is definitely needed by someone in PNG and around the world. 58 more words