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Move Along

How is stone carving like watercolor painting? They are both reductive processes. You can take it away but you cannot put it back. With watercolor, it is the white of the paper that is taken away while with stone carving it is the stone itself that is removed. 218 more words


Using A Focal Point In Interior Design

Designing all the rooms in your home can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you are new at interior design. It can be difficult even if you only have one room you wish to design! 602 more words

Blessings & Curses

“Learn to write your curses in the sand and carve your blessings into stone.” ~Author unknown

Photo credit: Pinterest.com


Chitarkari (stone engraving) - Pakistan

Chitarkari Tombstones at Srikot

In the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, the Gangar mountain range is composed largely of schist stone—metamorphic rock with large, flat, sheet- like grains. 332 more words

Pumpkin Carving Hacks From a Pro | Allstate Insurance

Do you believe you know everything there is about making a jack-o'- lantern?

Steve Dahlke– a specialist pumpkin carver for more than 20 years– shows a couple of ideas, tricks and also hacks which could be available in useful for you this Halloween. 20 more words

Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures,Statues, Carvings

I’m always taking pictures when I’m out- no matter where I am. Sometimes I have to remember that there are other people around because it isn’t until after the fact that I might be causing someone to take a second glance at me. 98 more words


His Heart Is Made Of Knotty Pine

Wooden Indian White Horse sits on the lap of his carver creator, Andy Anderson, wearing a horse-tail wig and entertaining visitors to Tesuque, New Mexico in 1949. 101 more words