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The Weekly Wash-Up: 10/20/2017


Time for a Car Bath

I can’t remember the last time I took my truck to the car wash, but it desperately needed a good bath!

Just throw some soap in a bucket and Bob's your uncle?

Firstly, who the F is Bob? But uncles aside, you are this guy, you’ve just bought your crazy expensive (and awesome) Tesla but OMG you left it outside last night and of course it rained and now its filthy. 995 more words

Suds With Heart: The Impact of Car Wash Fundraising

When I think of washing cars to raise money, I picture high school sports teams and youth groups with soapy buckets in parking lots. It’s a classic part of fundraising, right up there with lemonade stands and Girl Scout cookies. 334 more words


Chayse Suicide - Capri

Cute brunette Chayse Suicide decides to have a sexy car wash but gets most of the soap and suds all over herself. She decides it would be easier to just take off her soaking wet t-shirt and shorts. 50 more words

Suicide Girls