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Should I wash my car before or after the rain

We all have done it, we detail our cars and next thing you know it pours!!, its like pur money was washed away (intended pun). Well it is not a waste believe it or not, in the next few paragraphs we will explain why… 321 more words

Auto Detail

National Battery Day

Where would we be without the humble battery? Take a moment to consider how many of your household items use batteries – from cars to remote controls and hand-held devices, … 20 more words

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'In Moro we trust' or 'Coup promoter': The danger of football politics

by Isabela Messias, Co Editor and Writer at Brazil Talk

It is 9:30am, and the “Institution-Building, Governance and Compliance in Brazil”[1]conference organized and co-hosted by Columbia University just finished setting things up to receive Sergio Moro, the federal judge who is heading the Car Wash operation, also known as Lava Jato — the largest corruption investigation in Brazil’s history. 864 more words


Treviso ...delizioso!

What a lovely little city we’ve stumbled upon!   Treviso is just 40km from Venice.  An ancient walled city, it has it’s own network of river canals winding their way through the cobble-stoned streets.   997 more words

February 2017

Today Is: Car Insurance Day!

It can’t compete for romance with Valentine’s Day. It can’t inspire the joy of Christmas. And it’s almost impossible to find an appropriate costume. But if you remember it, … 129 more words

Brazil's 'Car Wash' prosecutor says corruption probe to grow

CURITIBA, Brazil (AP) — The lead federal prosecutor in a massive corruption investigation roiling Brazil says that recent developments could double the size of the case, a staggering possibility given that the probe has ensnared many of the country’s elite, threatens to bring down President Michel Temer and is expanding to other Latin American countries. 833 more words