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13 Steps to Reflection Perfection

You Wanted the Best… You Got the Best…

We’re not a car wash center. We do Not offer $12 car washes. If you want a $12 car wash, you might as well wash it yourself! 252 more words


Washing & Detail Frequency

The following is to assist you with the frequencies we recommend our services;

Our Hand Wash – Weekly

Washing and drying is the foundation of any detail, whether it’s simply maintaining your vehicle with a wash and dry or the start of a long detailing process. 427 more words


We treat your Cars Bad Paint Nice

What is “Bad Paint”?

Well it’s not your cars paint is misbehaving or anything, it’s just been left go, scuffed, damaged, faded, or has water spotting. 237 more words


Two-Sentence Story: Comedy

Why go to the club when you can go to the car wash? Costs less, sounds the same, and if you’re drunk there’s a good chance of a red and blue light show.


Car Wash Video Library on YouTube

Ran across these guys video channel. They visit various hotels, elevators and car washes.

For some reason, they enjoy going through tunnel washes and automatics and filming their trip at the car wash. 102 more words


Consumer Reports Lists Steps to Wash Your Car

Granted, I am not a fan of washing your car at home in the driveway. There are voluminous studies of just how bad this is for the environment and city run off. 111 more words

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is what?

Microfiber is a man-made material that combines two fibers, polyester and polyamide. The polyester gives the material strength and durability, the polyamide allows the fabric to be tremendously absorbent and quick drying. 660 more words