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Limerick: At the Carwash

My car is so dirty it’s a sin
I’m taking it to the carwash again
But knowing it will
Only be clean until
My kids get their dirty asses back in


At the Car Wash

I thought I had stayed relatively British during my 15 year stint in Los Angeles. I Iost count of the number of times people commented that I hadn’t lost my English accent, I insisted on packing my bags at the supermarket and I still had a roast dinner, complete with… 798 more words

Car Wash Hack Can Strike Vehicle, Trap or Douse Passengers

“The Internet of Every Little Thing. That is what they should have called it. Or the Internet of Cookies & Ice Cream. That screams out: Trust us! 458 more words


Washing cars in Johor Bahru

When my friends go to Johor Bahru, or JB as it is more affectionately known, they go at night. This is to avoid the crowds that stream into Malaysia during the daytime. 154 more words


Day of the grumps...

Ryan let us have a lovely sleep-in till 6.45am and while the rest of us are still in holiday mode (big boys off school and Stefan off work) Ryan was straight into his usual morning routine. 257 more words