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Going Back to Basics on The Good Wife

Alicia returned to court in “Don’t Fail” after spending her post election scandal days sharing a whole lot of nothing to help her ghost writer with the structure of her memoir while waiting for 5 o’clock to hit so she could crack open a bottle of wine. 1,610 more words

The Good Wife

The Good Wife: "The Deconstruction"

Isn’t it amazing what the conclusion of a plodding storyline can do? Alicia’s State Attorney hoo-ha has been a drain on the show for too long now, and with Alicia finally giving it up, we’re reintroduced to the dynamics of the firm and the more pressing drama of our main characters. 1,076 more words


The Good Wife: "Undisclosed Recipients"

I’m not sure The Good Wife‘s making a better case than the campaign did for why Alicia being State’s Attorney is a good thing. You’d think that after watching the greater part of the season see Alicia politicking away that she’d have a better handle on it than she does in “Undisclosed Recipients” and therefore wouldn’t have to wrangle a frustrated Eli or get a crash course in how to deal with expectant campaign donors. 769 more words

The Good Wife

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So, I’m obsessed with The Good Wife and I really disliked Matthew Charles “Matt” Czuchry as 1st year associate but once he moved to the State’s Attorney’s Office… he became a man from a boy! 47 more words

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Cary Agos (good wife)

 Okay do whatever the hell you like but YOU DO NOT TOUCH CARY AGOS, Nick stay the hell away from my love

(season 4 so no spoilers)


The Good Wife - 6x11 - Hail Mary

Non meno di una stagione fa Alicia osservava la nuova Firm prendere vita sotto i suoi occhi e ringraziava Cary per essere riuscito a convincerla in quello che non appartiene alla sua natura: un azzardo. 634 more words


recap: the good wife 6x11, "hail mary"

It’s been a few weeks since a new episode of The Good Wife been on, which means it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had to grapple with my excessively reactionary viewing notes in order to hobble one of these recaps together. 1,350 more words