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The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain

A throwback to simpler times, Rhythm of the Rain is an easy listen that anyone can enjoy and appreciate. This single by the Cascades tells a tale of heartbreak, coupled with the low tempo that easily sets the mood and tone.


September 16, 2016 - Suttle Lake Loop and US 20, OR to Sam and Kelly's house, Silverton, OR

I found myself wide awake and deep in thought around 3 AM. It’s starting to hit me that the trip is almost over and I’ll be getting back to city living. 943 more words

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Hitting the Trails: Franklin Falls

Two weekends ago I got a strange little brain wave (really odd, like polka dot and mostly made of sugar snap peas) to go hiking. I have feared forests and the big mountains most of my adult life because of some rather  unspeakable activities that happened when I was young (see: brain maze for more info on the general psychological torture fun that was most of my youth). 342 more words

A Few Books, One Map, and a Little Time

I gawked as I crossed the border into British Columbia and saw the sign read “the most beautiful place on earth”. Nothing is more beautiful than Washington state. 1,120 more words

Cascades, Litchfield

On another day we took a walk to the Cascades. There is the Upper Cascades and the Lower Cascades. The lower ones were a little closer so we chose to walk to it. 520 more words

September 15, 2016 - Buck Creek Road and US 20, OR to Suttle Lake Loop and US 20, OR

There were a couple of times during the night that I was woken by a bunch of coyotes howling at the moon. This was a pretty awesome experience and unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to record it on my phone. 1,079 more words

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