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Information Technology (IT) plays a very important role in all organizations. IT executives are constantly faced with problems that are difficult to tackle. Failure in IT service can interrupt the functioning of an organization. 119 more words

Razonamiento Basado en Casos

El razonamiento basado en casos apareció por primera vez en el trabajo de Roger Schank y sus estudiantes de Yale a principios de los 80, sin embargo el interés en el razonamiento basado en casos creció en la comunidad internacional en los años 90. 343 more words

Topic: Knowledge Management Solutions (Chapter 3 Continued)

Name: Shira Samir Hamisu.

ID Num: 21005100681010.

Knowledge Management Systems

They are the integration of technologies and mechanisms that are developed to support knowledge management processes. 826 more words

Learning Diary

Project "Ultimate Tic Tac Toe"

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The popularity of the intellectual, addicting game, Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, is rising exponentially, yet the game lacks a sophisticated artificially intelligent computer player to challenge human players. 1,145 more words

EPGY Projects

Augmented Social Cognition for Consumer Health and Wellness

In a recent Wall Street Journal essay, Marc Andreessen wrote: “Software is eating the world. Over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted by software. 169 more words

Case-based Reasoning

Recommendation in Retail

So you go to a shop you see that a specific brand of Deodorant and Bathing bar are bundled as a product and have been displayed with a specific discount and you hand pick it with immense happiness (??) and satisfaction of a good deal. 233 more words