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Dr. John Watson's Scrapbook

In this age of mobility and portability, it is difficult to convince ebook lovers to buy physical copies of books. Unless they realize the joy of feeling the book’s weight in their hands or sniffing the book’s soul between the pages, they might stick with their digital copies. 383 more words

Book Shelf

Case File: Odin

Independent – Criminal – Individual – Low Engagement Risk

‘Odin’ a.k.a. ‘Dietram Sommer ’

Legal name: USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Γ-X

Caucasian male, blue eyes, blond hair, 6’1”-6’3”, 22-27 years… 1,350 more words


Case File: Cybergator (transcript)

Conversation between Cybergator (JCTechiePermadmin), Punchcard AI (MicrochipMafiaDon), Sourcerer (CupCoinMirrorSword), and others, TechieBreaky/JCFreeForAll.  (show timestamps)

CupCoinMirrorSword: but even if you break the passwords it doesn’t count… 1,228 more words


The Case of The "creature"

Agent H told me on Friday at 2:00 pm, she went into our Uncle’s room and she saw a creature with yellow eyes, bloody red lips, and a brown body. 95 more words


Case file: Baron Someday – Unauthorized use of powers (ref.)

Note: Guys, please stop adding in forerunners to the other crimes. We aren’t charging him with any of them. Hell, we didn’t even manage to call dibs on the murder charge; if you want to talk about it, go complain to the other TLA’s.  994 more words


Case File: Incident Report: Hunch's goddamn kid causes an international fucking incident again

This fucking kid, are you kidding me? I swear, Hunch, if he pulls this fucking shit again, we’re booting him right out of the program. And, you know what, if he tries to use it in a fucking college essay, I will take it upon myself to make goddamn sure that HR breaks protocol and says, no, in fact, that fucking kid was kicked out of the fucking program for being a fucking asshole. 1,274 more words


Case File: San Salvador Mass Insomnia Incident (IX) (ref)

Primary insomnia inducing powers are: biological manipulation (hormonal or circadian), time dilation (impacting fatigue either subjectively or physically sans subject perception), psychoactive powers (impacting phobias, stress/excitement, dreaming, etc.), and sleep displacement. 1,297 more words