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Case File: Johnnie Doe – Missing, suspected extranormal involvement

Five miles before the bridge, the driver ran two red lights. Pictures clearly show a third passenger in the back seat whose body was not recovered. 1,003 more words


Case file: Crimson Bluejay – breaking and entering, unlawful use of powers, public indecency – memo

All agents are reminded to observe extra caution when dealing with unpowered individuals. Aside from higher risk of injury and death, media fallout can be enormous. 1,008 more words


Case File: Guardian Angel (San Salvador)

Independent – Licensed – Solo – Nights and Weekends

‘Guardian Angel’ is usually referred to in context as ‘Angel’

(not to be confused with Angel (disambiguation)) 1,502 more words


Case File: Vivisection Killer (Transcript)

Conversation excerpted from TeleKittenesis; threat level still low, but chances of vigilante action rising. (See patterns’ list of high risk suspects) (enable links) (show screenshots) 2,114 more words


Case File: Just Say Normal – recent incidents

A bunch of the local public schools are buying into their most recent scam. We can’t touch any of the charters – the old bill is still in effect – but most of them aren’t going all out anyway. 1,223 more words


Case File: Incident report: The Evil Reporter – unlawful use of powers

Note: People, stop calling him evil. He’s not evil. He’s just a reporter.

Addendum: an evil reporter

Addendum: A regular reporter.

Addendum: evil

Addendum: regular… 1,031 more words


95 year old female chest pain

EMS received a call for a 95 yo female who began having chest pain x 2 hours with nausea.  Pt has a hx of dementia.  Pain is 10/10.   98 more words

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