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The Case of The "creature"

Agent H told me on Friday at 2:00 pm, she went into our Uncle’s room and she saw a creature with yellow eyes, bloody red lips, and a brown body. 95 more words


Case file: Baron Someday – Unauthorized use of powers (ref.)

Note: Guys, please stop adding in forerunners to the other crimes. We aren’t charging him with any of them. Hell, we didn’t even manage to call dibs on the murder charge; if you want to talk about it, go complain to the other TLA’s.  994 more words


Case File: Incident Report: Hunch's goddamn kid causes an international fucking incident again

This fucking kid, are you kidding me? I swear, Hunch, if he pulls this fucking shit again, we’re booting him right out of the program. And, you know what, if he tries to use it in a fucking college essay, I will take it upon myself to make goddamn sure that HR breaks protocol and says, no, in fact, that fucking kid was kicked out of the fucking program for being a fucking asshole. 1,274 more words


Case File: San Salvador Mass Insomnia Incident (IX) (ref)

Primary insomnia inducing powers are: biological manipulation (hormonal or circadian), time dilation (impacting fatigue either subjectively or physically sans subject perception), psychoactive powers (impacting phobias, stress/excitement, dreaming, etc.), and sleep displacement. 1,297 more words


Case file: Wordsmith – unlawful use of powers, burglary, harassment (Sassy Kitten) – memo

All agents are reminded that any reference to real information or events, including those that are currently a matter of public record, are to be vetted by the Department of Extranormal Perception and Prediction before posting, regardless of whether the information is posted from a verified account. 1,075 more words


Case File: Klepto

Independent – Criminal – Large Group (Leader) – High Engagement Risk

‘Klepto’ a.k.a. ‘Corinth Patton’ a.k.a. ‘Alvin Broker’

Legal name(s) unknown

Caucasian male, blue eyes, brown hair, 5’10”-6’, 25-35 years… 1,140 more words


Twist as Judge Returns Oronsaye's N2bn Fraud Case File

The N2bn fraud case involving a former Head of Service, HoS, to the Federation, Stephen Oronsaye, would have to start de novo as the presiding judge, Justice J. 483 more words