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Case File: Just Say Normal – recent incidents

A bunch of the local public schools are buying into their most recent scam. We can’t touch any of the charters – the old bill is still in effect – but most of them aren’t going all out anyway. 1,223 more words


Case File: Incident report: The Evil Reporter – unlawful use of powers

Note: People, stop calling him evil. He’s not evil. He’s just a reporter.

Addendum: an evil reporter

Addendum: A regular reporter.

Addendum: evil

Addendum: regular… 1,031 more words


95 year old female chest pain

EMS received a call for a 95 yo female who began having chest pain x 2 hours with nausea.  Pt has a hx of dementia.  Pain is 10/10.   98 more words

Case File

Case File: San Salvador Reality Warping Incident (Citywide) (II) (ref)

Reality warping powers come in a wide variety of forms, and it’s hard to make any sort of comprehensive list of them. (See the Reality Warping wiki) (Note: that thing is hilariously wrong – patterns) They also seem to frequently mimic other powers in nature and scope. 1,129 more words


Abdominal and chest pain

59 yo male pt called ems, he states that he has had abdominal pain for 2 day and today started having chest pain that is getting worse. 55 more words

Case File

Case file: Spiderbitch  – unlawful use of powers, disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, unpaid parking tickets – memo

Attention all staff: this is currently and will remain an open file. Crimes listed will reflect those with outstanding warrants or scheduled court dates, not those in which she is a suspect… 1,190 more words


Dr. John Watson's Scrapbook

In this age of mobility and portability, it is difficult to convince ebook lovers to buy physical copies of books. Unless they realize the joy of feeling the book’s weight in their hands or sniffing the book’s soul between the pages, they might stick with their digital copies. 383 more words

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