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Bien entendu, dernièrement, vous commencez à croire que je fais une obsession sur tout ce qui concerne les études à l’étranger, parce que je m’apprête à faire un PhD en cosmologie des particules à l’université du Minnesota. 1,241 more words


Case Report: Sjogren's Syndrome

By David Ivanov, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2015

Sjogren’s syndrome, like other autoimmune diseases, can be difficult to diagnose definitively, and often relies on a handful of signs and symptoms that can vary substantially from case to case. 1,379 more words

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Sri Lankan Tea: a primary product?

Tea exports bring in around $2500 million annually to Sri Lanka and account for around 14% of exports by value. True, export earnings have fluctated but the overall direction of revenue is up. 832 more words

Case Study

How have the producers expanded The Simpsons across space and time in order to maintain the popularity of the franchise, and how has this affected the way in which the audience consumes it?

‘With transmedia you’re not repeating the same story on a movie screen, a TV screen, a novel and a videogame. You are using each one to tell a complete piece of your story and combined they can all become a deeper, richer and more immersive experience’ (Gomez, 2011). 3,648 more words

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Baudrillard, J., 1981. Simulacra and Simulation. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Dyer G. 1982. Advertising as Communication. New York: Methuen & Co. Ltd. 586 more words

Case Study

Case Study Paper: Gestalt Therapy

A fifteen year old patient by the name of Liza comes into the office. She enters and is in obvious feelings of distress. Liza is in tears. 1,202 more words