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BaZi Learning

Here is a BaZi chart of a young man named PJ. Many students of BaZi will it difficult to start reading a BaZi. Why?

After all the books and study, the big questions now is how do we apply into reading? 482 more words

Case Study

Emily Wine: Taking symbolic steps toward leadership roles

I am a newly minted feminist. Today, I will be marching proudly and resolutely at the Women’s March on Spokane, a local offshoot of the flagship Women’s March on Washington. 53 more words

Case Studies

The first female precedent: how role models can change the world for women

While there is much to admire about Sheryl Sandberg’s prophecy, “In the future there will be no female leaders, just leaders”, for many women the US inauguration, among other things, marks the end of hope – at least for another four years – for a US female president, further proof that the glass ceiling is markedly harder to crack than we thought. 13 more words

Case Studies

Case Study: Tassafaronga Village

Tassafaronga Village is an affordable housing development in Oakland by Davis Baker + Partners and an AIA COTE Top Ten winner. My research looks at the high-performance features of the development, and references seven design drivers, including: (1) regional and community design, (2) land use and site ecology, (3) bioclimatic design, (4) light & air, (5) water cycle, (6) energy flows, and (7) materials and construction.

Call for Case Studies! Responsible Data Practices in Digital Development

Do you have a digital technology project that manages personally identifiable or otherwise protected/sensitive data on beneficiaries in the field?

Have you struggled with and addressed challenges around balancing the need for information, protecting it from misuse, and mitigating privacy risks? 677 more words

Digital Inclusion

The Creative Practice of Everyday Life – Pictures from 18th January 2017

Course work by students on The Creative Practice of Everyday Life, an ALL project course being run at Primary by WEA tutor Chris Lewis Jones. This course will be running again in the future on the 25th April 2017. 7 more words

Action Learning For Living

Digital Exclusion is not a choice

I thought I understood what digital exclusion was all about – but I was wrong. Digital exclusion is a far more complex issue than I ever thought, and for many being excluded is not a choice.

10 more words