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Local Business Online Marketing and Online Presence - Digital Marketing - India

We have been doing online marketing for local businesses for quite sometime.  This article is about the online marketing and maintaining online presence of a particular local business and let us take an example of one of our customers – Sun Driving School, Madurai, India. 230 more words

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EVALUATE workshop with local stakeholders in Budapest – A summary

Earlier in the summer, the EVALUATE project team visited three of its four case study countries. Workshops with local stakeholders were held in Prague, Budapest and Gdansk during the third week of June. 760 more words

EVALUATE Activities

국내 주류회사의 소셜미디어 PR


오늘은 대한민국 주류회사의 소셜미디어 PR사례들을 함께 정리해보도록 하겠습니다! :)

한국주류산업협회에 따르면 지난 2012년 15세 이상 한국인의 1인당 술 소비량은 연간 9.16리터인 것으로 조사되었으며, 가장 많이 팔리는 술은 소주와 같은 증류주였습니다.  12 more words


Assignment topics

Happy varamahalakshmi vratha to one and all.

Many students were asking for topics in Electromagnetic Field Theory for assignment.Here are some topics which can be good for the assignment. 494 more words


Trademark moralities: “Fucking hell” is alright but the scythe and hammer is not?

“Morality is: the mediocre are worth more than the exceptions?”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Contemplating on morale, ethics, law and their relations towards each other is as ancient as those categories themselves and the literature on them could easily fill several libraries.

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Case study - Harvey Mudd College's prospect scoring formula

Posted recently to the Prspct-L and LinkedIn, Harvey Mudd College has shared their formula for assigning scores to constituents that help with filtering and selection when attempting to narrow down a pool of candidates. 9 more words

How do you convert your 3,000 word Case Study into a 10-minute presentation?!

The Case Study Presentation or,

How do you convert your 3,000 word Case Study into a 10-minute presentation?!

FOREWORD: Please be aware that this post… 1,029 more words