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CASE STUDY: Why things don't work out !!!

Builder build nice apartment block with all amenities or have plot in very posh locality but there is something that prevent selling of these properties. Recently two client consulted me for buying property. 446 more words

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Unit 2 Case Studies / Named Examples

Revising your case studies and named examples is essential BUT so is making sure you know when to use them! Do you know which case study / named example for each key idea / concept / feature? 27 more words


Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply Chain

Company Background

Found in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Mike Markkula, Apple Inc. is one of the most successful technology company in the decade. 3,991 more words

Case Study

AEON - A Property Company With Retail Business?

What business is AEON in?

If you were to ask this question to anyone, most people would tell you AEON is in the retail business. Well, technically, they are right. 1,118 more words

Case Study

Business Law Assignment


You have now opened the 3 salons and they have been operating for 3 months. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are managing the salons and there is a total of 10 permanent staff members. 494 more words

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Bazi Analysis - A Motherly Clash

A mother was lamenting to me about the her current predicament about all her daughters rebelling with her and it all happened during this year. It’s just too much to bear for a mother who had dedicated her life to upbringing her daughters. 413 more words

Case Study

Nature, casual agents and the functions of inland Slavery in precolonial Africa

Slavery preexisted in Africa on a small-scale basis before the coming of Europeans. The Europeans only exacerbated it rather than inventing it.i In contrast, the trans-Atlantic human trafficking was much more vicious, but it seems the trans-Atlantic slave trade developed from this inland slavery that was much more flexible and capable of accepting a change. 1,401 more words

Pre-Colonial Africa