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The New Classic Buckle – Apple Watch

“Good is the enemy of great” – Jonathan Ive

With the relentless effort of Apple’s design team we now have the 4th generation Classic Buckle. As a true homage to the very name of the strap, the new… 369 more words


Case Study: #Trojan Battery

Customer Profile – Trojan Battery Company
Trojan was established in 1925 as an automotive battery manufacturer. In 1952, they teamed up with Autoette and created the golf cart. 56 more words

Writing Assignment

Using the Internet, newspapers, journals, and magazines, iidentify 5 emergency management incidents where social media was an instrumental tool in response or recovery operations. Write a ½ page summary on each incident, describing how the new technology was employed. 44 more words

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CJS/211 Ethical Violation Paper WEEK 1

Locate a news story or press release about an ethical violation(s) resulting from actions of employees in the criminal justice system.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you include the following: 147 more words

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human trafficking

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper, using definitions, principles, and theories from previous assignments, in which you establish a thesis regarding the control of human trafficking. 65 more words

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Assignment 2: Weekly Assignment—The Trial Process

Activity Details

As you learned in your reading, there are several stages to a trial process. Once a crime is reported, the police begin to investigate, collect evidence, and report evidence to the prosecutor. 387 more words

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CRJ 630_Introduction

explain your current understanding of the elements of public finance as it applies to either law enforcement or corrections organizations. Explain what you know about the basic process through which budgetary decisions are made in your current place of employment. 67 more words

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