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Yipeeeee! I am dancing right now. Bobo is on day 6 of GFCF-diet! Like I said yesterday, it gets easier. So today we continued our diet. 112 more words

A New Approach

The past few months have been rough. B was struggling immensely at day care. The teachers had no patience with her and B had a hard time making and keeping friends. 896 more words


A Quiet and Refreshing Asheville Visit

With it’s gorgeous mountain views, cool refreshing air, and relaxing and inviting surroundings, Asheville is one of my favorite places to keep coming back to multiple times a year. 586 more words


Gluten-Free No-Nos

Gluten-free living is changing the lives of countless people for the better. It helps to alleviate multiple maladies and heals years of misery for most dieters. 781 more words

Food for thought - How a change of diet can help your autistic child

Many swear that a change of diet can help manage autism and other autism spectrum disorders. And it’s not just autism that can be improved with a change of diet. 328 more words

Bolu Marmer Tepung Mocaf (GFCF Marble Pound Cake)

Terus terang baru kali ini saya bikin kue bolu resep jadul, karena saya nggak terlalu suka oleh sebab teksturnya yang padat, berminyak, manis dan terlalu berminyak. 275 more words


GF CF Sorghum Plain Bread

Saya ingat masih punya sisa tepung sorghum, sempat galau antara roti atau susu sorghum, akhirnya untuk eksperimen roti, tapi ternyata memang tetap harus dicampur tepung beras supaya hasilnya lebih lembut dan lembab untuk roti lapis. 138 more words