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1986 : Indiana University

University Campus Info

Indiana University was way ahead of the game in 1986 when they started looking into setting up a campus-wide interactive network… 241 more words


1985 : Information Industry Association

Conference Info Kiosk

IIA / TCS entrepreneurial project

By 1986 the Information Industry Association was moving quickly towards interactive electronic online services. We were able to offer them a practical model. 374 more words


1985 : IBM Info Systems

Marketing Support Tools

IBM Marketing & ad agency

IBM Info Systems Group wanted to be able to use their own PC-Videotex decoder and SVS-1 minicomputer hosting system as  200 more words


1984 : Dun & Bradstreet

Online Brokerage Services

In Early 1984 Dun & Bradstreet explored the intriguing possibility of putting their financial brokerage information online. TCS modeled a Financial Portfolio Prototype for them. 92 more words


1985 : AT&T

Management Tech Demo

AT&T wanted to demonstrate the graphical and animation design capabilities of the Frame Creation System that they were marketing to the emerging interactive online environment to their upper management. 152 more words


1985 : AutoZone proposal

Retail “Self-Service” Kiosk

In 1984 Rival Automotive’s Automated Retail Information Systems (ARIS) approached AutoZone with a proposal to install point of sale kiosks with touch-sensitive screens… 202 more words


1984 : Chase Bank

Transactional Travel Services

Like many other banks at the time, Chase needed to explore the possibilites of the newly-emerging interactive online arena.

Visionary Model

In mid-1984 Chase asked us to model a range of  135 more words