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DVD review: "A Ghost Story"(2017)

“A Ghost Story” (2017)


Written and Directed by: David Lowery

Featuring: Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara

Houseguest:We build our legacy piece by piece and maybe the whole world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but you do what you can to make sure you’re still around after you’re gone.” 1,197 more words

A Ghost Story - Film Review

A Ghost Story is an absurd film. Absurd in concept; absurd in execution. Considering all of the odd and highly experimental films that have come out in the past few years, I do not make this statement lightly. 1,067 more words

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A Ghost Story

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star in David Lowery’s poetic, philosophical exploration of mortality and time.


A Ghost Story (Lowery, 2017)

On paper, A Ghost Story sounds like a goofy joke. A dead man haunting his wife… in a bedsheet with eyeholes? Really? Well, a) it’s not a bedsheet, b) the ghost haunts more than just his wife, and c) never doubt David Lowery’s vision. 271 more words


Duration 1h 32m Rating (UK) 12A Source of story An original screenplay Writers/Script David Lowery Additional Info 165 more words

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The 2016-2017 run was a great year for film. But out of all the top-billed films, this was one of the ones which spoke to me. 500 more words