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Thoughts on A Ghost Story

Life. Death. Love. Time. Permanence. A Ghost Story, the new film by writer/director David Lowery tackles these subjects in a way that is both unexpected and challenging. 1,021 more words


This week’s (July 24) TIME magazine carries major articles on North Korea, the G-20, Hong Kong and China, Mosul in Irak, the new Irish P.M., the Trials of Trump, Obamacare, Physical Fitness, as well as the usual  book and movie reviews and celebrity interviews.  225 more words


 Greetings again from the darkness. We’ve not previously seen a movie like this latest from writer/director David Lowery. Detractors will likely roll their eyes and ask “and why would we?”, while those who find a connection here will pontificate endlessly on the existential meaning of life, love, loss and legacy. 545 more words


A Ghost Story

Every now and again a film will come along that blows you away. Written and directed by David Lowery, A Ghost Story is a unique and unconventional haunted tale of legacy, love, loss and existence. 718 more words


Flash Movie Review: A Ghost Story

THE ghost from the love of her life remained close to her even after she found herself alone. They had been together for some years so the ghost was familiar with many of the things she enjoyed doing when she was part of a couple. 538 more words


Movie Review - "A Ghost Story"

So many of the immediately recognizable images in society are organic.  Sun = warmth, Life = Vegetation, Happiness = a smile or embrace.  It’s natural that this would be the case.   1,307 more words


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