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Accused Baby Killer Casey Anthony Protests Trump

My momma always told me that people judge you by the company you keep.  That seems surprisingly accurate of the anti-Trump protesters.  By that I mean, they are all scumbags with no moral compass just looking to scream, bitch, and destroy. 259 more words


Casey Anthony Spotted At Trump Protest At Mar A Lago

Snowflakes, feminists, social justice warriors, black lives matter, anarchists… these are some of the profiles you’ll find at a Donald Trump Protest. So why wouldn’t you find Casey Anthony among the elite mentioned? 76 more words


He's still got it.

Text message from me: Do you think Casey Anthony is hot?

Text message from Scott: Who is that?

I should stop here and tell you that Scott found a job!

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Was that Wrong?

I’ve mentioned Casey Anthony on occasion in a question 5 of a Five For Friday quiz, as well as at a few county bar ethics trivia contests. 506 more words

Was That Wrong

The startling impact the lack of maternal mirroring has on an infant.

A while back, I posted a video of an experiment dealing with early attachment, called the Still Face experiment.  I’m going to post it again, because of how important this is, and also to compare it to an upsetting video of Caylee Anthony, who was regularly filmed by her mother in home videos,  but who never seemed to be interacted with or talked to by her mother, Casey Anthony (who was charged with murdering two year old Caylee–and probably did–but was found not guilty during the court proceedings). 409 more words

Will Media "Rape Silence" End Now That a Celebrity "Casey Anthony Attorney" Has Joined the Trump Suit?

Quietly over the weekend, under the twitter radar and cable news flash alerts, “Casey Anthony” attorney J. Cheney Mason has joined the plaintiff’s team in pressing a… 545 more words

Contemporary Commentary

Casey Anthony's Attorney Speaks Out: 'She Got Away with Justice'

Five years after her shocking acquittal, the name Casey Anthony still enrages Floridians. Many people still believe that Anthony was responsible for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. 300 more words