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For Your Reading Pleasure...Casey Fry

Today we have Casey Fry. We’re glad to have her insights…so read on and enjoy!

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Excerpt 01

“Cari, you won’t believe this!” Zeva said as she burst through the door. “I was walking down the hall amid a plethora of not-so-quiet insults.” She made her way into the living room, her long gait making her appear rushed, and Cari winced at the look of faux excitement she had plastered on her face. 135 more words

Casey Fry

Family Time

I’m very excited for this week to be over with, and time seems to be helping me out by flying by. This weekend, my parents and brother will be starting the long drive back to Pennsylvania for a visit and I can’t wait to see them. 44 more words

Casey Fry

A Strange Man in the Grocery Store

I went to the store to buy a pie crust for a quiche recipe I’m planning on making for supper. I was standing in the self-checkout line, waiting patiently for my turn, when this guy walks by me pushing a shopping cart and slows down. 555 more words

Casey Fry

Characters Do What They Want

I think, on numerous occasions, many of us authors have asked this of some greater force than ourselves. Whether that force is the combined power of our readers’ imaginations, the muse which thrives and writhes within our minds, or the whim of a god with a questionable sense of humor, we are a foolish lot. 164 more words

Casey Fry

What the Blog?

I thought I might mention that, yes, I do have two blogs going at the moment. This is likely to continue. Words by Casey, my first blog, is something of a catch-all, where I post whatever happens to come into my mind. 88 more words

Casey Fry

DeathSpeaker: Free Kindle Download

In preparation for the winter holiday, whichever you celebrate, I am preparing to offer the first edition of Hunt free for Kindle download. This will be the first edition’s last hurrah before it goes dark with the release of the second edition of the book on Kindle. 61 more words

Casey Fry