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Meet the Character: Alexis Berkley

“Hands up.”

Roger could see little more than a silhouette behind the gun, but he obediently raised his hands, spreading his legs slightly and stilling. 490 more words

Casey Fry

Meet the Character: Captain Gory Sharpe

The captain of the Spectre Police Force was a man with large drooping cheeks half-hidden behind a full and thick red beard that made him look like a dwarf, except his head was bald but for the few wispy of red hairs still clinging on desperately. 505 more words

Casey Fry

Meet the Character: Roger Lamb

Roger had never thought himself a particularly interesting person. He dressed similarly everyday, wearing tan khaki pants and oxford shoes, which both looked professional but were fit for any running that might become necessary. 518 more words

Casey Fry