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Tasting Victory

“What that plate is reminding us of is that I belong to Him. That I’m His. That I’m not of this world. That I have a home! 66 more words


1 Corinthians: The Principle of Brotherly Love

“What freedoms do we take part in all day long that people look at us and say ‘I thought that man belonged to God…’?”
In this message, Casey Wilson shares on what Paul teaches about in 1 Corinthians and what it truly means to have a brotherly love.

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Is God in Control?

“We could continue to look at Scripture for hours…and it would declare one great reality that is hard to face, and that is: God is in control.” 27 more words


1 Corinthians: Advice on Marriage

“If you’re going to get married, there’s responsibility and duty and there’s a care in that that you will have to carry. It’s your responsibility. And if you choose not to be married, you can be single focused on the things of Jesus.That’s where the benefit is, that’s what Paul is trying to convince you of, is that this is about Jesus and being one with Him.” 28 more words


1 Corinthians: Belonging to God

“God so chose to take His children, who were in rebellion to Him, to draw them back to Himself, to deal with their sin, to purchase them, to redeem them with His Son’s own blood, so that way He could take His Spirit and place it in them so that they would live as sons and daughters of God.” 14 more words