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In general, a rollover is the movement of funds from one retirement savings vehicle to another. You may want, or need, to make a rollover for any number of reasons–your employment situation has changed, you want to switch investments, or you’ve received death benefits from your spouse’s retirement plan. 1,124 more words

Annuity Mortality Table

Ten Reasons to Consider a Cash Balance Plan before December 31

Cash Balance plan (CB) is a type of a defined benefit plan; its popularity soared over the last decade largely due to the fact that they made something inherently very complex look incredibly simple and understandable (

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Plan Design

The Increased Prevalence of DC Pension Plans is Going to Change the Way We Retire. How to Prepare?

…Okay, so this evening I was reading a white paper from Aon Hewitt (you can find it here) that states the following:

One of the key findings from this research is that there appears to be a welcome sense of realism among employees about their retirement prospects.

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A SIMPLE Check-up

Short-term Decisions, Long-term Outcomes

A SIMPLE IRA is inexpensive, fast to establish and relatively easy maintain. For these reasons, it is often a go-to plan for small businesses. 1,130 more words