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Insulating Clients from Increased Tax Liability and Underfunded Retirement

When used in the same sentence, the words “change” and “tax code” are seldom associated with good news.

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In a much welcomed development, on August 24, 2016 the IRS released a self-certification procedure to provide relief for the tax payers who accidentally miss the 60-day window to roll over a retirement account distribution to another retirement account.

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Growth vs. Value: What's the Difference?

With the wide variety of stocks in the market, figuring out which ones you want to invest in can be a challenging task. Many investors feel it’s useful to have a system for finding stocks that might be worth buying, deciding what price to pay, and identifying when a stock should be sold. 1,448 more words

Annuity Mortality Table


In general, a rollover is the movement of funds from one retirement savings vehicle to another. You may want, or need, to make a rollover for any number of reasons–your employment situation has changed, you want to switch investments, or you’ve received death benefits from your spouse’s retirement plan. 1,124 more words

Annuity Mortality Table