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Hospital Cash Cow

You know what happened a few weeks ago dear reader? i was slapped with a $240 fine by Kogarah Council for parking in a “No Stopping” zone. 583 more words


Surveillance: The Cash Cow

Internet surveillance and the diminishing of privacy are made apparent by the rise of Internet usage monitoring by major corporations, which aim to categorize and commodify our behavior and online surfing habits. 112 more words


Harper Lee Is Just In It For The Money

To Kill a Mockingbird is a masterpiece of literature. The book is full of allegories, symbols, and timely commentary that I do not have to go into detail about because it should just be assumed that I am cultured and know what I am talking about. 449 more words


Microsoft and the Cash Cows

Microsoft has announced that its new Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for a wide range of current Windows users. This accompanies the company’s similar offers of… 496 more words

Jason Karpf

Cashing In – The Economic Bias of News Media

Yesterday some despicable person 1 decided it would be a wonderful idea to blow up the NAACP chapter office in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Thankfully, their homemade explosive didn’t work as it was intended. 674 more words


Hello Faggots, Lets begin

Well faggots are you ready to begin being dominated? Turned into my cash cows, paying for my bills, and buying me awesome gifts? Do you wanna see my 8″ cock? 7 more words