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The Advantage of a Diverse Product Portfolio

Recently, I attended a conference on small business funding given by Launchpad LI.  There were three entrepreneurs on the panel who discussed various topics in establishing and funding a small business.  313 more words

Small Business Advice

China, a Likely Cash Cow for Bearish Investors

China’s rapid growth over the past couple decades is turning from beneficial to detrimental faster and faster as time moves on. This county’s debt crisis is only getting worse at an exponential rate as its real-estate market’s bubble is continuing to grow. 359 more words

Financial Domination

Financial Domination is quickly becoming a trending fetish on twitter and throughout the online fetish scene, but what is FinDom all about?

FinDom or Financial Domination is a unique fetish based around money, where the sub/slave gives copious amounts of cash (Tributes) & gifts to his or her Dom/Domme in exchange for… NOTHING! 382 more words


The Cash Cow is my future, and other bad metaphors

As of today, I have officially spent a week and a half in Australia! I have not been bitten by a Huntsman spider or gotten dive-bombed by a magpie or attacked by a drop bear yet, (thanks for your concern America – drop bears are REAL). 602 more words


Back to the future

I guess we all must reach that point sometime in our lives.  The point when just because something is new doesn’t actually mean you are getting a better experience or in this case better software.   320 more words


Sales and Marketing


Red dress.

Black handbag.

I combed through the restaurant landscape, searching for the list of physical features I’d been given.

The room was buzzing with noise. 1,200 more words


Stop leaving your bike out in the rain: One Perspective on Co-Op

A very wise entrepreneur once told me that, “..if you didn’t use your own money to pay for your bike, you are likely to leave it out in the rain…” Today, this has me thinking about advertising co-op funds. 832 more words