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Our Journey to Financial Peace

Financial Peace appears to be just a dream

Who doesn’t want to attain financial peace, the peace of filling a gas tank full instead of just enough to get by for the day or the peace of paying the cashier without needing to check the bank account in fear of over-drafting? 460 more words

Dave Ramsey

Saving Money in your Twenties

So I’m taking a break from talking your head off, and I’m over with Ashley today at http://savingmoneyinyourtwenties.com/

Read up, let me know what you think, give her some love, cause I LOVE what she’s doing.   13 more words


Help! I am Addicted to my Debit Card!!

Okay so regression would be where I am at with the cash only system. This past week was so crazy busy, I just used my debit for everything, and big surprise- spent more than I had planned. 276 more words


Fix It Friday: Week #2: Finance Binder + Cash Envelope System

Financial responsibility is one of my big goals for this year and instead of focusing on “pretty” I’ve decided to aim more for functionality first to make sure that my system really holds up over time. 809 more words

Fix-It Friday

Fix It Fridays: Week #1: Finance Series

Welcome to the first official blog post of 2015 and this blog. As you saw in my resolution post yesterday, my goal is to update this blog three to four times a week as well as to start getting my ducks in a row for various other adventures that are going to start during this year – namely graduating and hopefully moving and starting a new job. 1,113 more words

Fix-It Friday

Pay with Cash

By this time next year, hopefully, Raf and I will be completely debt free.  We’re following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, and by the time everything is all said and done, we’ll have been on baby step 2 (paying off all debt) for nearly 5 years. 273 more words


Summer Saving: New Cash Envelope System

For my first post in this series I wanted to share my new cash envelope system. If you are on a budget, I highly recommend you adopt a cash envelope system. 622 more words