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DIY Cash Envelope

My wife and I have been Dave Ramsey fans for years. We watched the Financial Peace Home Edition and used a cash envelope system for years. 243 more words


DIY laminated cash envelopes

Last fall I started posting about Dave Ramsey and his method of becoming debt free.  You will begin to see more posts on this topic because we are getting started here in the house ASAP! 170 more words

My Experiments with the Envelope System

The first time I heard of the envelope system of saving money it sounded dumb. Sure, I got the idea: you set a budget for each expense, and put the cash for each into a separate envelope. 473 more words


Adopting Dave Ramsey Cash Budget System

Cash budget envelope system in today’s card swiping culture? Yes! Steve & I are taking a big step this year to embrace the change. Here is a little background for our decisive leap on the financial front. 648 more words

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