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The Cash Envelope System

Yes, you read it correctly. CASH. C-A-S-H. The biggest change I have experienced in the past 7 months is spending CASH (primarily). Cash helps you VISUALIZE the money leaving your hands, not just some arbitrary number that gets added onto the lengthy statement every time you swipe or tap that piece of plastic. 636 more words

Totoro and Elegant Cash Envelope

I’ve made a few of these since the start of the year and it seems that people just loooove totoro. This one will be going to my cousin who requested it to be a keychain. 102 more words


Budgeting...prison or freedom?

After eleven years of marriage, I think its time to tackle the money! No, I’m not kidding, it has taken us that long to formulate a plan. 641 more words

Our Cash Envelopes

Yesterday was payday, which means at some point today Alan and I will make our way to the bank to get cash for our envelope system. 429 more words

Personal Finance

New Year, New Habits

It’s the end of January, and my husband and I are getting ready to start digging in our feet to save for our next adventure. We want have land and build a house on said land. 221 more words