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Quickie: Sweet Potato Mash

This one’s for those times you’ve got a sweet potato, some leftover cashew cream (I’m planning to post my spin on cashew cream at some point), and approximately 4.5 minutes before you’re going to pass out from low blood sugar. 102 more words


Food Procrastination

I took the initiative last night to let one of my teachers know about this political gathering happening near my university today leading to possibly terrible traffic. 475 more words

Cashew Cream Cheese

I made this without knowing exactly what I would use it for. I just knew it would be used for something great. I thought maybe Mac n cheese. 140 more words


Tri- cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

I knew that I would make pizza tonight. It was a given. Planned even. I’ve done pizza on here before. But none like this. I was watching The Vegan Zombie, I use their pizza crust recipe. 605 more words


Cashew Cream Ranch Dressing

One thing I have really missed being vegan is ranch dressing. Oh sure they have a company that makes it. However it’s expensive for that little bottle. 136 more words


Taze fesleğenli kaju kremalı fettucini

Yemek için mi yaşarsın, yaşamak için mi yersin sorusunun cevabı benim için kesinlikle yemek için yaşarımdır. Her ne kadar hayatımın bir çok alanında az çoktur felsefesine dikkat etmeye özen göstersem de yemek söz konusu olunca henüz gitmem gereken çok yol var. 162 more words