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Looking For A Silent Partner

Currently looking for a Silent Partner (Financial Backer) to expand my very DIVERSIFIED (Options trading education, digital products, financial/investment/retirement consultation, distressed commercial real estate, asset recovery & much more) West coast based consulting business. 84 more words


Want A Guaranteed 16% Return?

A safe secure return investment for ALL seasons? One that’s been around over 100 years that MOST people DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT? You have to contact me (PM on Twitter) and simply ASK me what it is. 58 more words

多市绝佳位置精品公寓panda condo-曾经世界最大book store 原址

PANDA CONDO Panda Condo的开发商Lifetime Developments在大多地区已经有超过三十年房屋开发的丰富经验,开发过许多城中知名的公寓楼盘项目,其中包括:The Yorkville Condominiums、Bisha Hotels&Residences、X2 Condos、Lumiere Condos以及Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences等等。Lifetime Developments旨在建造高质量的高级住宅建筑,为住户提供一个满意并且舒适的居住环境。值得一提的是,Lifetime Developments还曾多次获得过优秀开发商的奖项。业界口碑良好,是您自住投资的信心保证。 Panda Condo是多伦多市中心即将推出的最新楼花项目,地址是:20 Edward st.位于Yonge、Dundas的交界。预计将建设30层楼高的将近600个单位,建造位置就在曾经世界上最大的书店旧址上!

Panda condo 是一个多功能型的建筑物,地上的一二层将作为高级商铺使用, 第三层将作为办公写字楼用途,并且建造了 四层的地下停车场。 62 more words


Making 16% GUARANTEED?

No? Yes? Mine investment does year round GUARANTEED (by LAW) no matter what interest rates are. It’s a safe, simple secure investment that has been around for OVER 100 years. 29 more words

Why Mutual Funds Might Cost You!

mu·tu·al fund: an investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed.”

Having read many books regarding the world of finance and money in hopes of nurturing my financial knowledge, I have found that many (not all) mutual funds charge us with fees that might costs us a speed growth for our nest egg. 587 more words


Money Isn't Everything

I was recently informed about an interesting experiment that was going on between my grandmother and younger brother. For every $1000 he saved from his new job he received an extra $100 to help get him started on a budgeting plan. 1,601 more words

Financial Planning

CashFlow Complete; Small Businesses Increasingly Embrace Technology to Manage Finances

ST. LOUIS, MO July 24, 2017 (STL.NEWS) Commerce Bank has addressed a key pain point for small business customers with the launch of CashFlow Complete, its newest online banking service. 15 more words