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Smart Residential Property Investing and Rental Remodeling Advice

The decisions people make with regard to residential rental property investments can be surprising. While the objective is always to make money, the approaches are varied and sometimes even counterproductive. 418 more words


SWIBER'S LIQUIDATION: 7 things we learn

It was reported on the morning of 28 July 2016 that Swiber Holdings Ltd. filed a petition to wind up and liquidate the company after facing demands from creditors amid a slump in the offshore oil and gas businesses.  1,709 more words

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SWIBER's judicial management: 3 things the newspapers haven't told us

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Following my earlier article on Swiber’s liquidation published on 29 July 2016, we now know that Swiber Holdings Limited (“Swiber”) did a back-pedal last Friday (29 July 2016) and said it would be placing the company under judicial management (“JM”) instead.  2,282 more words

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Cash Rich Uber Reds $200 Million a Month in 1H 2016

Losses are nothing coz Cash is King. Since it’s inception 7 years ago Uber has burnt $4 billion in losses which is not alarming to its investors as Uber is valued at $69 billion, $8 billion cash in the bank and $3.2 billion credit facilities. 373 more words


Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering investing in real estate, but you are not sure if investing in property really makes sense in the current economic situation. 721 more words


2016 July Expenses Review

My June expenses were high but my July expenses were even higher. My Dining Out/Grocery, Medical/Health, Gasoline/Car Related categories were higher than usual this month. 174 more words


Generating Motivated Seller Leads

If you want to close more deals, you must generate more motivated seller leads. If you’re not closing the number of deals you want to do per month, it is because you are not making enough leads. 547 more words