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2017 May Expenses Review

My May expenses were much lower than April’s and it is lower than the average this year. Most categories was below budget except for health care and personal care.  236 more words


Finding the Best Locations for Buying Rental Property That Nets the Highest Returns

You have heard it before. T, the first three rules of real estate are Location, Location, Location, and this is no different when buying rental property. 920 more words


Virtual Real Estate?

Last night at Cashflow, we had a guest that blew everyone’s mind.  When I say everyone, I’m talking about the investor team on the table.  This young lady (her name is Nina) did not have any real estate experience, but was top notch, formidable business woman.   314 more words

Real Estate Investing

How to Analyze a Rental Income Property

It has been said that more millionaires have been created through investing in real-estate than any other type of investment. However, for the unprepared and uninitiated, the potential for catastrophic financial decisions is always present. 461 more words


While you were sleeping

Vivian’s New Year’s Resolution

Vivian was helping his daughter with some math homework when he pulled out a sheet of scrap paper from his desk. It was mostly blank on one side but when he turned it over, he saw that it was a credit card statement from eight months ago. 908 more words


How to $ave Money & Budget Like a Pro

Thank you to all of my lovely friends on facebook that voted on this subject for today’s blog post. You guys are awesome <3

I am glad there is an interest in saving money and keeping a budget together. 1,357 more words

What is this whole wealth building thing anyways? Google it.

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can literally consume a Harvard-level amount of knowledge or bing-watch 16 hours of cat videos while stuffing your face with Cheetos. 1,590 more words