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Cash is King!

A business’ success can be determined by its management of its cashflow. In the short term, great sales and profit but poor control of cash can have dire effects for a business. 262 more words

Looking Back - Going Forward

A few months ago, I finally reached my debt free goal. I paid off $50,000 in 2 years. These months of freedom that I’ve lived have proven to me that personal finance is not just math. 536 more words


A Single Sacrifice Is All It Takes To Retire Early

Last night I met with a colleague of mine who said she didn’t have any money to invest in her retirement. As it turns out, within five minutes I found several instances where she was believing her own lies. 313 more words

Financial Freedom

Cashflow: "The lifeblood of any business"

Most entrepreneurs and founders know that managing cashflow is a key business requirement.  Even startups with skyhigh valuations still have to be able to pay their suppliers, employees, lenders, investors, etc. 197 more words


Make Money Young

Taking a Closer Look At Where 20 Somethings Are Earning the Most Money

It’s practically been embedded in our DNA–graduate high school, go to college, get a career and make money… 147 more words


2015 October Expenses Review

My October expenses was a little bit higher than usual. I took a trip to Las Vegas.

Monthly Expenses By Category August Fix Expenses 139 more words

2015 October Passive Income Review

October was a great month for me in terms of passive income. This month sets a new record for most passive income received (barely). Compare to the first month of last quarter, passive income increased by a little shy of $10. 126 more words