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IOTW - Hooded Cashmere Sweater - Michael Kors

This Hooded Cashmere Sweater by Michael Kors is definitely high fashion, running $206.50. It has no pockets and it’s pretty thin, but it’s Michael Kors so . 202 more words


One Down, One To Go

No time for talking…must keep knitting!

No stopping the progress!  Only one measly little sleeve left to knit!


Dot-a-Dot jacket

Still finishing up old projects… The Dot-a-Dot jacket was planned to be like the Jente Jakke, but as I realised I probably would run out of yarn (bought on sale; a beautiful blend of mohair and alpaca from Sandnes) I had to supply with some yarn I got in… 62 more words


Thinking About FO Friday Already

Last week had lots of distractions.  Knitting is always the first thing to suffer in times of tight scheduling.  Despite that, I’ve still got most of my first sleeve done! 62 more words


Yarnabout Monday - Cashmere


Today’s yarn-about is on Cashmere.

Considered as one of the most precious and prized commodities in the world, Cashmere is actually not wool, but hair obtained from cashmere goats. 146 more words

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